Benjamin Lambert’s Party

When I am decrepit on a morphine drip, and the name of my managing editor sounds as foggy and unfamiliar as my first date’s, I will be bursting into wheezing chuckle at there mere whisper of “macaca.” I find its consequences overblown and wonder if anyone is still offended after all this time. It’s not . . .

Death Rattle Of The Marginalized Candidates

In the manner of Pat Paulsen and Porky Pig’s secret love child, presidential candidate and Texas Representative Ron Paul announced from his podium that, hey, maybe we weren’t attacked on September 11th because we were rich or free. At that, the rest of the field and the audience at the South Carolina Republican debate was . . .

The Hon. James David Manning

1965 Anti-Pornography Propaganda film

1960s LSD Propaganda Film

The Reikhoff Interview – Head of the Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans of America

I’ve read a lot of things you’ve written recently. You wrote for a progressive journal called [Common] Dreams or something. I’ve read [Rolling Stone’s] Tim Dickinson’s comments from you in 2005 when your organization wasn’t getting as much press, or so it seems. It’s really interesting to hear your perspective because you seem like more . . .

Christopher Hitchens Talks About Falwell’s Death

Solaar Pleure

Not typical or especially relevant for this blog, but here is me covering a French hip-hop song.

Iraq for Sale Banned Excerpts

Hillary’s Vote Explanation

It is my guess that her opponents on the left will bring up this explanation later. Iraq is the key issue. Fast forward a little bit and she started comparing sending infantry into Iraq to laying bombs in Bosnia and Kosovo. Also, she was totally unwilling to address a Code Pink rep’s concern . . .