(Some) Answers From Rolling Stone

Among the two-dozen question answers, here are my four with answers:

1) Not that there’s anything sinister with happening to agree with one party’s values more, but do you think that your National Affairs coverage is perhaps a little bit too partisan?

2) What is your favorite YouTube campaign stunt? What is your . . .

From A Conversation With A Liberty University Student Regarding The War

Tyler Bass: Anyway, yeah. I mean, most of the middle east thinks this is a war on Islam, and as long as they think that, this is basically a dead end. Because obviously the vast majority of Muslims are sensible, peace-loving folk.

Josh Wade: Okay… I can totally see where they have irrational . . .

Open Questions For Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi

I sent the text below out to [email protected] I have read Matt for some time and found him occasionally extremely damn funny. The Stone’s political blog was demanding questions, so I thought I would shoot this in. Here’s hoping for response.


It’s been a while. Rolling Stone’s blog is demanding that readers send you . . .

Mike Gravel And A Rock

Ten Movies Leading Toward The Apocalypse

The Omega CodeA flick I caught at Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Pleasure/Piety Palace in Santa Ana, California, a decadent estate in homage to a first century socialist/schizophrenic who asked followers to abandon all of their property in order to follow him. A truly annoying film that pumps the most insane evangelicals into insufferable and unquestioning Israel-licking, . . .

Noam Chomsky Critiques My Iraq War Essay

So I wrote to Noam Chomsky, fowarding him an 800 word essay I crafted for a contest for The Nation.

The essay “Withdrawal” was the product of a lot of collected conclusions about the Iraq War, my response to a prompt regarding the most important issue for young people in the 2008 United . . .

The Tyler Bass Interview With “The Most Hated Woman In America,” Shirley Phelps-Roper

Shirley Phelps-Roper: Well, the lord Jesus Christ told us what it was going to look like when the last days came, when it was time for his return, through the clouds, in a flame of fire, with the shouts and the voice of the Archangel, and the trump of God to execute judgment on this . . .


Paul: Saving Our Asses