FROM THE SPECTACLE MONOPOLIZED ARCHIVES – An Exchange with Roe v. Wade Attorney Sarah Weddington

I was wondering what your response is to the fact that your former client, formerly known as Roe, really switched her position on the issue of abortion. I was just really curious about your retrospective.

Norma McCorvey, who has made her own name public or I wouldn’t, was Jane Roe. As I said, it was . . .



Intentionally Imperfect – A Review Of “The Simpsons Movie”

However certain it is that the long-hyped flash of Bart Simpson’s genitals contributes to a PG-13 rating for “The Simpsons Movie,” denizens of Springfield are ready to assess this moment in a way that hallmarks the show’s longstanding Juvenalian satire of our modern culture.“Stop in the name of American squeamishness!” protests a Police Chief Wiggum . . .

Drugs Wars, According To The Tribe’s Great Warrior

On the heels of two fatal alcohol poisonings at two Colorado Universities, then-recent University of Richmond Political Science graduate and new Southwest resident Mason Tvert successfully splintered all stereotypes of sloth associated with marijuana legalization advocates. Indeed, Tvert was proactive and magnanimous. The 26 year-old dynamo, the founder of SAFER (Safer Alternatives For Recreational Enjoyment), . . .