Happy Halloween

Sick of the children at your door begging for candy? The yearly news story about getting rid of trick or treating, and how it’s all Satan’s fault? Well why in Satan’s Hell else would you be here with your friends at Elf Wax?

Check out some of these SPOOKY web sites.


This one’s on me, Roajoke.

Now, I don’t normally do this. Hell, I never do this. But if anyone’s got the right make fun of Roanoke, it’s either a current or former citizen. NOT some wackjob from Tucson, Arizona! They can’t even spell Tooson right. Lost? You should be. Here’s the deal. Dolla Billz came across this lovely . . .

Puntball for All

Welcome to Puntball, internet. The Game, the legend.

# of players needed: 2 – Infinity. Rule’s are simple. Player 1 tries to punt a basketball over or in between two power lines. 1 point for clearing the lines, 2 for in between. If the ball makes contact with a . . .

Bigfoot, imaginary or Communist?

Bigfoot, according to believers, would be the largest Ape known to man. How then could they elude detection for so long? How do these creatures survive without leaving a mark on the environment? The perfect answer to the Bigfoot question is beneath our noses, and has been all . . .

Dick Means Business

Silly Mahmoud should know we are the only country allowed to have nukes.

Cavemen. Neo-Con Propaganda?

How does a 30 minute commercial sound? Awesome, right? Featuring Nintendo Wii and Car insurance-slinging cavemen! Well, they don’t talk about car insurance, but they ARE weird, invasive, creepy, and always say really inappropriate things. LOL!

The cavemen actually buffoon “liberal” ways of life. We have 3 cavemen: one is a creep, one’s a metrosexual . . .

Alex Grey Tells The Truth!

Where It’s AT&T: World Wide Web Adventures In Jailbreaking Handhelds

How Apple, Inc. Wet Its Pants About Neo-Phreaking

What has been momentarily the top purchased Electronics item on Amazon.com, the Apple, Inc. iPod touch, has become the subject of a large scale, underground hacking effort. Specifically, there has been a lot of interest in porting a number of Apple-produced OS X Mobile applications . . .

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