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Hatt Baby!



WARNING: Parental Discretion IS ADVISED. THE FOLLOWING IS EXTREMELY INSENSITIVE AND SHOULD NOT BE VIEWED BY ANYONE, EVER. Original Tragedy graphic is Copywright Cole Hogan, 2006. Modified graphic and animation are copyright Jesus Hubert Christ, 12 AD. (So that’s what that H stands for!)

April 17th: that little bastard bought guns from my home town…….Cavalier, . . .

Less Truth, Moore Manipulation

Ever since Roger & Me hit the film festival circuit in 1989, Michael Moore has established himself to be a distinctive documentary filmmaker. With the release and wide popularity of his 2002 documentary, Bowling for Columbine, Moore gained attention from a wider audience whom perhaps weren’t as familiar with his work; however, his omissions and . . .

Philip Warren returns to Spectacle Monopolized

Most Loathsome Americans of 2007

Fred Phelps

Charges: Hates homosexuality so much that leads a nationwide picketing campaign so hyperoffensive that his Church is unanimously reviled by queers and virtually all Bible thumping homophobes alike. Along with daughter Shirley, will drag homophobia into the public spotlight wherever it might seem least helpful or appropriate as long as it garners his . . .