Cogito ergo Cogito

A Christian once asked me what my fundamental source for ultimate truth was. The answer might be unsatisfying, but it should be there with a little explanation. In logic, truth is defined as that which can be proven not false in every case. This applies well enough in mathematics and computer programming, but how about . . .


Fiction: Israel has cut off electricity to Gaza.Fact: In the past, Hamas officials have committed deceptions such as pulling dark curtains in mid-day while holding a meeting to make it look as though they were being forced to work by candlelight – a sham exposed by journalists who showed that it was actually daylight outside . . .

The Pleasure Seekers – What a way to die

Suicide – Ghost Rider

The Roots of Punk

And Now . . . A Bit Of History: War Is A Racket

Here are some notes from a man who, at the time of WWII, was the most decorated U.S. veteran alive. Butler won two congressional medals of honor. From

Foreword Excerpt from a speech . . .


Pull a cup from a line in the District of Columbia, and you might have seen what the Department of the Army is now addressing in its most recent bulletin.

From a letter with a Department of Defense letterhead received last Friday, January 23 from Thomas P. Jacobus.

“An equipment . . .

Obama Hypocritically Breaks Own Rule For Defense Lobbyist

In the earliest days of his administration, Barack Obama held a press conference to congratulate himself. He said that any former lobbyists entering his administration would be forbidden from working on any matter for which they had lobbied. Likewise, anyone who left his administration would be forbidden from lobbying his administration. All of . . .

Fractal Universe

On a quantum and universal scale, one can make an argument for a single observable pattern of force and matter. There are forces that steer galaxies and ones that bind quarks. Matter has shaped itself to form black holes, spirals of billions of stars, and even sentient beings. Our understanding and extrapolation of these forces . . .

Israeli FM confronted by Press Club journalists

Mic cut. Classic.