Chronicle.SU special sexy female criminals ruin America edition featuring EXCLUSIVE CASEY ANTHONY HARDCORE NUDES

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EXPOSED: LulzSec Mastermind Julian Assange

Documents leaked anonymously over pastebin Monday afternoon reveal LulzSec, notorious for hacking law enforcement agencies and corporate websites, is actually the most recent effort spearheaded by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Assange, perhaps not the only man ever to be accused of rape by a voluntary participant, made comment via Twitter.

Assange still . . .

Chronicle.SU disbands after huge dump

Fuck yeah

Anonymous LulzSec AnonOps AnonNews! Disband FalseFlag J35T3R d0x team poison Julian Assange! Meanwhile Twitter Gawker Wired Forbes Guardian Barrett Brown.

FBI CIA Secret Service. NSA Obama Schumer Protect IP Al Franken. Anonymous anonymous AnonOps IRC.

50 Days of Lulz and LulzLizards ftw omg heydarguise wtf rofl lmfao lolocaust lulz. . . .

Nobody gives a shit about your Facebook birthday


Fuck your Facebook page. . . .

Cars 2 Review – Where Were The People?


A sociopolitical analysis of Cars 2. Also: damn where were the people? . . .

Murderous Syrian Leader Just Wants Citizens To See Things His Way

Bashar al-Assad wishes people could afford shoes in order to know what it's like to walk a mile in his.

The Syrian people relentlessly attack their emotionally helpless President Bashar al-Assad. Will they ever come around? Read more to find out! . . .

Some contents of Lulzsec’s Arizona Police leak, Chinga la Migra!

Chinga la Migra! Fuck the border!

This may or may not have anything to do with the drug war. I don't see a car wreck, though.


Own your own Drug War™ firearm! Raffle tickets benefit a family in need.

A demotivational posters from the Drug War™

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Mini Walrus . . .

Pound #AntiSec

Ryan Cleary V&

Ryan Cleary is well known for the attack against AnonOps IRC servers which prompted Barrett Brown’s departure from anonymous. Ryan Cleary quickly associated himself with LulzSec in the aftermath of the AnonOps IRC battle. According to Lulz Security’s Twitter account, Cleary is not a member of LulzSec. Still, the most absurd . . .