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Obama and the Occupy movement are BLT crisis deniers:

Occupywallstreets list of demands do not mention “lettuce”, “bacon substitute aka bacon bits!TM” or “grilled cheese sandwiches” because of geo’s required “BANK FUNDED AND CORPORATE RUN ICE CREAM SANDWICH TRADING STOCK MARKETS RULED BY POLITICIANS/SHAPE SHIFTING TINA TURNER taxing the pisscrust we breathe. Occupy is the . . .

Microstorms on Poor Mountain

Wind Turbines can catch fire and kill all the ULTRA RARE piratebush found ONLY on Poor Mountain

I knew Old Man Charlie from the days of my youth on Poor Mountain. That old man mostly kept to himself, but when I’d see him walking around on the mountain, he’d talk my ear off. . . .

Fanfiction: Righteous Indignation – Excuse Me While I Rape The World!

Victim of Andrew Breitbart

An Andrew Breitbart fanfiction

“No, Mr. Breitbart. Please!”

Andrew Breitbart’s stringy gray hair was greased back with sweat as he loomed over a child, heaving and groaning. In his shadow, the small boy covered his naked shame with both hands and fixed his eyes on the wall, where a picture of Jesus was hung. He . . .

Reddit is the world’s largest child porn website

Fans of Reddit often see their servers overloaded with child porn.

Preliminary polling of Reddit users has revealed a shocking statistic – over one third of Redditors are in fact registered sex offenders. A recent post on SomethingAwful, the internet’s best source for gore, rightfully accused Reddit of being the primary hub for . . .

Barrett Brown murdered by the infamous Zetas cartel

Barrett Brown

DALLAS – Fans mourn the loss of Barrett Cockram Brown, who was found murdered in his modest home Sunday morning.

Police stated Brown died slowly from a controlled blood loss which took “at the very least,” several hours.

Coroners report Brown died at 3:32 AM CST on Sunday. Not all of . . .

Anonymous hack reveals Illuminati behind Whitney Houston’s murder

Whitney Houston

Our close friends within Anonymous infiltrated the e-mail accounts of Illuminati agents several months ago, waiting for the kind of scoop we got this morning. The following is an uncensored excerpt from an Illuminati e-mail which has not been fully disclosed to the public because of its sensitive nature and the . . .

Investigators suggest Whitney Houston murdered

Whitney Houston

Los Angeles– Fans mourn the loss of Whitney Elizabeth Houston, who died Friday evening in her room at the Beverly Hilton.

Whitney Houston died from fatal injuries sustained after an apparent violent encounter in her hotel room, say police.

Whitney Houston was pronounced dead at 6:55 p.m. EST. Cause of death . . .

TehWongz retires from hacking

Charrie Wongz (@TehWongz) was recently kicked out of Destructivesec following his alleged arrest and cooperation with law enforcement agencies. In a recently leaked conference call, agents used derisive terms to refer to Wongz.

Wongz is fifteen years old and has been hacking since he was twelve. He has hacked the online video game service . . .

Anonymous reveals Chemtrails are full of Barium for mind control

Anonymous revealed on Thursday that they have e-mails from a Chemtrail manufacturer describing concerns over the Barium content of Airplane Chemtrails affecting the average weight of Americans. The implication is that the Barium has turned people so docile that they have no ability to ignore fast food advertisements. In the FDA’s response, the spokesperson states . . .

FBI call intercepted by #Antisec Anonymous

FBI call intercepted by #Antisec Anonymous . . .