Extremely Serious Message to Anonymous


Kilgore Trout, accidental leader of Anonymous, tells the collective that trolling is the best approximation of truth available to internet users. . . .

Sabu: Fall From Grace

SABU was working with the FBI when Stratfor was hacked

The biggest named hacker in the world right now used to endorse chronicle.su until we found out he’s working for the FBI. Then he decided he hates us. He wrote nasty stuff about us. Nobody believed us when we warned them he’s working with the government. About three days ago, news hit he is the biggest snitch in online criminal history. We were right, before anyone else was. . . .

Exam time



Twice, we will release spiders into the room. This means you still have 45 minutes to complete the exam, and fifteen minutes, respectively.

— Frank Mason (@TerribleAuthor) March 8, 2012


“You got rats amongst ya,” part of a John Tiessen rantshow

America - Just Let It Happen

“You got rats among ya,” said John Tiessen, internet rapist and self-made millionaire. The sex offender said most people are “being played” by the U.S. Gov’t . . .

call naked negi from encyclopedia dramatica tonite only.


NegiSpringfield accepts the IRC challenge to photograph his cock and balls for strangers on the Internet. Photo inside! . . .

LulzSec Leader Betrays All of Anonymous aka “wheres your guy fawkes mask now” lol

2011-07-26 @ANONYMOUSABU

Anonymousabu snitches on Anonymous kids who thought Internet anonymity was an actual thing. Protip: it isn’t. . . .

Extra Rage Comics

fight the power fight elfwax

Bestiality and rape comics replace the traditional “rage comic” which became infamous shortly after reddit shamelessly ran the format into the ground . . .


Sabu of Anonymous worked with the FBI to engineer the release of internal Stratfor e-mails. . . .

AnonymousIRC’s “Rush Limbaugh” Moment


AnonymousIRC's Rush Limbaugh Moment

Friday, the @AnonymousIRC Twitter account made an uncalled for and wholly sexist attack against @RevMagdalen, a church leader who has faced religious persecution. Reverend Magdalen’s feed has often featured opinions about the manifold dangers created by Occupy and Anonymous, as well as educational material on related subjects.

This disrespectful . . .

Internet Chronicle Ignites Race War: HELTER SKELETOR!!!!!


Cum join us for some sexual fucking of illegal natures, in this blog post full of cum and blood. Find an illegal fuckmate near you! . . .