Doc Watson NOT killed by the Illuminati

Live Forever In Peace As We Perish

The “Technorati,” an extreme AnarchoSocialist element of the Illuminati far above Anonymous in terms of skill and secrecy, quieted Doc Watson away to a CyberGrave and publicly announced his “Death” on Tuesday. CyberGraves are the biggest new craze among secretive elites like the Bilderbergers and . . .

LauraSparkling: HERO of the Freemasons

The Illuminatus

Laura Sparkling’s chest acne proves, once and for all, that her crazy bipolar YouTube antics are really just the first signs of a born hero of Freemasonry. Hopefully she will join up before the Black Lodge burns her to death in her sleep with HAARP!

. . .

Area Father Forced to Take His Belt Off

Area Father Forced to Take His Belt Off

Richmond, Va. – Harrowing tale of child abuse in a supermarket parking lot as area man bravely accosts his weak, defenseless faggot son. . . .

Is Gregory D. Evans th3j35t3r?

Is this the face of th3j35t3r?

Patriot hacktivist th3j35t3r is known for attacking WikiLeaks, Westboro Baptist Church, Anonymous, and the Internet Chronicle. In a recent blogpost by Reaper Security, which is incredibly well-cited, th3j35t3r’s methods are laid bare. As it appears, th3j35t3r’s biggest victories have all been either totally faked, . . .

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Diablo III – It’s prettay prettay prettay prettay . . . good

Diablo III

The American gaming male automatically degenerated into an alternating cycle of hardcore gaming and furious, repeated bouts of masturbation Tuesday after Mother Blizzard released her tepid seed into the yawning, fertile womb of jilted fantasy gamers who have already seen enough WoW expansions to make General Patreus reconsider an extensive Iraq strategy.

. . .

Marvin Heemeyer, Black Bloc Martyr

Hero for "The People" (notice, he is wearing black)

Marvin Heemeyer was an average citizen of Granby, Colorado, a very small town run by city officials who were out to get anyone they didn’t like. These power-hungry maniacs attacked anyone who wanted freedom, even using the local media to spread lies.

The . . .

New Miracle breakthrough drug containing dead baby flesh “adds years” to your sex life

Baby Dust Lotion ad

Seoul – South Korean smugglers caught trafficking millions of pills containing human flesh charged with copyright violations of Lebal Drocer product. . . .

occupy wall street anons reach out to find one of their own.

today the chronicle was contacted by….. none other than those wall street occupy guys. “occupywallstreetanon” and guess what? again, they need our help. it seems a member of their flock a one Stevie Bates, 19 f has gone missing the mother of the 19 yr old has stated she has no leads and is waiting . . .

Massacre predicted at Chicago NATO summit

CHICAGO (CBS) – There is a secret plan to evacuate some residents of Chicago in the event of major trouble during the NATO summit next month. CBS 2 has uncovered some evidence that there is. It is proven from the Milwaukee area branch of the American Red Cross.

CBS 2 News has obtained a copy . . .