Glenn Greenwild admits to affair with Edward Snowden

Snowden allegedly cheated on partner David Miranda while working with Snowden in Hong Kong

Greenwild allegedly cheated on partner David Miranda while working with Snowden in Hong Kong

HONG KONG — Witnesses tell the Internet Chronicle they saw Journalist Glenn Greenwild and Edward Snowden “drunk and making out” in public before police escorted the couple back to a hotel room. Recent reports show Greenwild’s boyfriend, David . . .

The Internet’s Top 10 Top 10

Vic Livingston

Nothing brings inordinate amount of Internet Traffic to amateurish writing like uselessly posturing pieces of art in pointless lists which imply one piece of art is better than another.

1. Top 10 Most Gruesome Torture Methods (Cracked)

Yet another banal walk through torture methods that everyone already knows about somehow seems more . . .

“Gravity Bong” Explodes Mans Lungs

Start Your Career Rolling

BOULDER, CO — Chet Goodman, 19, was killed last night when his lungs exploded from the use of what is called a “gravity bong,” to forcibly inhale marijuana smoke. Goodman had just returned to Boulder from his hometown of Los Angeles for fall semester at Colorado University, when his roommates suggested to ceremoniously get high . . .

Canadian PM Against Human Trafficking Totally Looks Like The Human Trafficking Type

Images of unbelievable tentacle sexual violence against children have long been a standard motif in the cartoon porn industry, but now super-real CGI child rape porn has the NSA grabbing more power than ever thought possible.

Many First Nations women, children and even babies are trafficked throughout Canada by the Harper regime under the umbrella of their own “protection.” . . .

Lebal Drocer officials enter Chronicle offices, destroy hard drives

The Lebal Drocer Hate-Coil "Mind Over Matter"

Lebal Drocer, Inc. has toughened their stance on Internet freedom, citing the upswing in information terrorism as one reason for writing new legislation that would grant them “unfathomable” control over Internet traffic all over the world. . . .

Wasp Cuts Bee In Half Around Two Very High Men


Whooooa, duuuuuude . . .

Illuminati No Longer A Conspiracy Theory


The Grandmaster of the Illuminati stepped out of the shadows to tell reporters they were responsible for 9/11, and it may have been their worst mistake.

LONDON — Reporters met with the anonymous Grandmaster and ranking 33rd degree member of the Illuminati, who stepped out of the shadows to accept responsibility for . . .

President Obama Pardons Chelsea Manning

Pro-Manning Protesters Outside of Fort Meade Tuesday

WASHINGTON, DC — Today in a landmark victory for the LGBT community, President Barack Obama issued an official presidential pardon for whistleblower Bradley Manning. Manning has officially come out as transgendered and chosen to go by the name “Chelsea,” an obvious nod to former president Bill Clinton’s lesbian daughter. The pardon comes in the midst . . .

Twitter Pissing Contest Shatters World

Dan Danwald's freedom Reporting was taken to task by an angered Freedom Blogger.

Dan Danwald’s freedom Reporting was taken to task by an angered Freedom Blogger.

INTERNET — Wednesday, secret documents reported on by the world’s greatest investigative reporter, Dan Danwald, sparked a rare outburst of dissension within the keyboard freedom movement. In a scathing blog post loaded with the fine writing of a beginner, . . .

Mitt Romney says Bradley Manning got what he deserved

The Masturbator

Mitt Romney. Wow. . . .