David Miranda unveils Loch Ness Monster Coverup

David Miranda announced the UK’s ongoing cover-up of the Loch Ness Monster.

LONDON — After landing in Heathrow, Glenn Greenwild’s life partner David Miranda had his electronic devices confiscated and was cavity searched under UK terrorism law. Authorities accused Miranda of carrying documents that were intended to aid a terrorist organization.

Miranda . . .

Take the Troubadour Challenge


Real doctor

Sup fellow dudes? I bet ya can’t finish a single round of Civilization V in one sitting.

Hi, I’m Angstrom H. Troubadour, M.D. I’m here to invite you to take the Troubadour Challenge.

The Troubadour Challenge is an annual event held twice yearly, every six weeks out of the month. . . .

Texan newborn charged with murder after absorption of twin

Jeffrey Gonzalez was arrested at birth for murdering and absorbing his twin brother in his mother's womb.

Alfredo Gonzalez was arrested at birth for murdering and absorbing his twin sister while still in his mother’s womb.

HOUSTON — After ultrasound scans showed Alfredo Gonzalez of Houston Texas aggressively absorbed his twin sister while still inside his mother’s womb, a group of armed Texas Rangers took Gonzalez into custody. Sheriff . . .

Dog the Bounty Hunter tortured and murdered by KGB

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Dog The Bounty Hunter was captured by the KGB on live television and tortured, to the delight of Snowden fans.

When Bradley Manning apologized for doing harm to the nation, a legion of supporters who spent the past two years proving such a thing was impossible lost their minds. Before posting a . . .

Rush Limbaugh Endorses Marijuana

Rush Limbaugh says he used marijuana to recover from opiate addiction and now supports legalizing pot.

EIB NETWORK OFFICIAL COMMUNIQUE — Controversial Conservative Talk Radio Mogul Rush Limbaugh endorsed medical marijuana legalization on his show Tuesday, and told Internet Chronicle reporters smoking the “Mary Jane” helped him recover after a scandalous opiate . . .

Hastings rumor of Hastings ‘Unauthorized Cremation’ Mega-Rumor Being False, False

Little Jimmy Rustles

INTERNET — It is a known fact that Michael Hastings body was indeed cremated by the Stasi without the permission of Hastings’ family. Today, an extremist secret police sponsored internet rag known as WHOWHATWHY ran a story claiming otherwise, after coercing family members to retract their story and say “It . . .

New Technology Threatens Way of Life

LOS ALAMOS, NM — Technology in general advanced once again today, as a small group of scientists lurched beneath a tree in the courtyard of one of the many research wings in the Los Alamos National Laboratory. A short man with glasses, known only to the Internet Chronicle as ‘Dr. Bill’, was scribbling wildly on . . .

FOIA Requested Documents “Heavily redacted” Says Snowden

Famous letter from the FBI to Martin Luther King Jr. attained from FOIA request now found to be heavily redacted, says Snowden.

MOSCOW — Edward Snowden, grand wizard of leaking, was recently granted asylum in the USSR, ending his term as President of Sheremetyevo Airport. One of the conditions for asylum allowed . . .

Snowden Dead of ‘Apparent Suicide’

Snowden says CryptoParty factions will shut the Internet down if they do not allow U.N. collectivization under Agenda 21

Snowden’s death comes on the heels of an announcement by US President Barack Hussein Obama that the 2011 PATRIOT ACT is being dialed back, along with programs by the NSA and DARPA. . . .

Snowden unveils Sewer Drone drug surveillance program

Snowden flew into a rage at the lack of response to recent NSA revelations and said he would “cut to the chase” with disclosure of the secret Sewer Drone program.

MOSCOW — Sunday afternoon, Snowden once again stunned Americans with information about a secret NSA Sewer Drone program which detects traces of . . .