How “Educated” Blacks Ruined This Country

AMERICA – Faggots in Washington (D.C.) who don’t vote for the Bible are destined for an Eternity in Hell — courtesy of our Lord and Savior, the compassionate Jesus Christ of the United States of A-fuckin-merica.

I say, if you don’t like the Bible, then forget how to read ’cause that’s . . .

The Panid

Computer networking allows billions of long-dead authors and living professionals to collaborate in the world’s most perfect epic poem: The Panid

INTERNET — Today the Arch-Primate of the Camelot Online University announced the results of an intensive new study. Hundreds of thousands of competent and accredited colleagues in thousands of diverse fields . . .

A Case For Revolution: The Fourth Amendment Is Not Your Friend


We are ruled by a shadow government.

I was talking to this guy tonight who made a case for the NSA. It was no case at all, though – not because he was only 20 years old, an “international relations major” – but because his point was “how does that . . .

Pope Calls for Pan-Ecumenical Religious Social Media Event

Pope Francis with his coat of arms and brass ring of power.

INTERNET — Pope Francis went over the heads of the Cardinals by issuing an Encyclical which will assemble a worldwide Ecumenical council including the highest leaders from every faith.

In his statement, Pope Francis said, “God has chosen Buenos Aires . . .

Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador Breaks Bitcoin

The inverted pyramid of the Bitcoin Occult Association represents upside down capitalism acting as the horizon for the all-seeing-eye.

INTERNET — Many Bitcoin investors panicked as all Bitcoin trading came to a mysterious stop on Sunday.

Cryptanalyst Dr. Angstrom Troubador of the Secret FISA Cuthbert Institute of Technology at Palantir stepped forward . . .

“Exponential Growth” of Joey’s World Tour does not concern qualified health care professionals


The corporatist agenda of Joey’s World Tour International is as beneficial to public health as it is overt. . . .

Scientists invent new endangered species

The Hyper Squirrel is a futuristic endangered species engineered by Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador.

INTERNET — Thursday, BioScientist Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador invented a new kind of squirrel. The Hyper Squirrel is barely able to hang on because it’s so tiny it can’t compete with the predominant species, the American squirrel. Already, . . .