Lebal Drocer, Inc. Security Advisory-0001: Cubic Time

Lebal Drocer, Inc Security Advisory-0001: Multiple Cosmic Vulnerabilities in the Universe Vendor: Gene Ray (http://timecube.com/) Product: Cubic Time Versions affected: ALL Threat Level: Mauve Product description: Cubic Time is a Reality that posits: “EARTH HAS 4 CORNER




1 of God Is Only 1/4 . . .

New Dogwald meme gains popularity on the World Wide Web

Fans and critics alike of controversial reporter Glen Greenwald enjoy the hilarious Dogwald meme.

INTERNET — You may have heard of the popular “doge” meme featuring the silly sideways glance of a lovable Shiba Inu dog, but meet Dogwald, the newest dog-based meme which has local dog lovers chuckling in their cubicles.

Snowden’s . . .

Jamie Corne of Presstorm threatens President Obama in unbelievable racist rant

“I will spit on you, motherfucker.”

INTERNET — Former convicted street racer, recidivist, and prison escapee Jamie Jo Corne was, until October 2011, a central figure for Anonymous hacktivists as founder and executive editor of Presstorm, progenitor to the controversial YourAnonNews corporation. Corne leveraged her powerful voice as head of Presstorm to . . .

Va. Lawmaker to Introduce Archaic Amendment to ‘Back-up Execution’ Legislation

We used electric chairs when pictures looked like this.

Troubadour, who is also a historian, said that although there was no death penalty before 1976, “it was still better to die back then.” “And what we did back then” he said, “was torture them with true stories about Richard Nixon.” . . .

The USA is a Binary nation-state

Whistleblow Auto V

Let’s just say for a second that we do live in a computer simulation designed to reproduce each facet of our existence – does a two-party system reflect the needs of mankind? . . .

GCHQ doubles down on “Rolling Thunder” DDoS attacks

We are ruled by a shadow government.

INTERNET — Snowden’s newest revelation showed the UK’s GCHQ operates a Denial of Service program dubbed “Rolling Thunder” which targeted and shut down AnonOps IRC, a centralized meeting place for Anonymous activists around the world.

Ethical hacking expert Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador said, “DDoS is the . . .

Fracking to blame for recent volcanic activity, says Snowden

Snowden came forward with documents which showed a military fracking program is attempting to relieve the Yellowstone supervolcano at the expense of volcanic eruptions in other part of the globe.

“New documents show that the military has been tampering with the crust in a way the government believes would lead to more volcanic eruptions in other parts of the globe,” Snowden said. . . .

Obama to Award BP Executive Presidential Medal of Freedom


Dr. Angstrom Troubadour, chief researcher at Lebal Drocer Laboratories, added, “It ain’t the size of the spill that matters. It’s the motion of the ocean.” . . .

Dating advice forum “void of masculinity”

According to Red Pill theorists, “sex market values” of men and women change differently as they age.

INTERNET — Men on Reddit forum The Red Pill want to help men become better men, but what does that mean? What is masculinity?

In swallowing the forum’s eponymous Red Pill, a man accepts an . . .