Lebal Drocer purchases Your Anon Incorporated, Jesus is risen

Do you seriously believe everything you read? Do I have to connect the dots for you? How many times can the same plot-device be effective? Well, I even had me fooled for a while there. Our parent company purchased Your Anon Incorporated, and the Internet Chronicle is now the throbbing heart of a vast social media […]

Science World

UFO books in public school libraries are a deliberate disinformation campaign planted by the U.S. Government

We make a lot of money talking about the truth on Lebal Drocer, Inc. Radio HATE at after-hours. Thursday we talked about aliens with accomplished author Kilgore Trout, an expert on aliens and the paranormal who is currently laboring over the Internet Anti-Hero Handbook (tentatively titled). He explained the possibility that extraterrestrials are either […]