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Man “thrown into helicopter blades”: Calls for investigation after disappearance of writers kilgoar and hatesec

West Point, Va.—Human rights lawyers are calling for independent investigations into the disappearances of esteemed journalists and satire writers kilgoar and hatesec, the scarred and dented minds behind Internet Chronicle. After being arrested for inciting violence and leaving in the back of a police car, their attorney Cole H. Truth says the two were taken […]


Kilgoar missing from site after Elon Musk purchases Internet Chronicle

INTERNET—After more than three days, authorities have called off the manhunt for kilgoar, as he is assumed dead. #ForgetKilgoar is trending on Twitter by adherents to Musk brand of nihilism as militia group Muskrats calls for his head on a stake. Friends and family insist the Internet Chronicle journalist “kilgoar” is still alive, and authorities […]

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Cult-leader ‘kilgoar’ BANNED from Rust: “Ye fiyed”

I’m cucksec and you’re reading the Future of News ‘Net After a juvenile, embarrassing and misdirected rant posted to internet hate site CHRONICLE.SU – creators of the videogame Rust banned a player named “kilgoar” who wrote the “BLOG post” seen by millions. A ‘blog is short for web-log which – unlike this news site […]