Internet Chronicle writer “Kilgoar” Trout dead at 27

Fans mourn the loss of Trout.

WASHINGTON – Monday, “Kilgoar” Trout, founder of the beloved Internet Chronicle, died from a simultaneous drug overdose and car wreck while on his way to a “business meeting.” Police forensics experts seemed befuddled reporting, “We’ve never had a case of death by the combination of overdose and . . .

The USA is a Binary nation-state

Whistleblow Auto V

Let’s just say for a second that we do live in a computer simulation designed to reproduce each facet of our existence – does a two-party system reflect the needs of mankind? . . .

Sue Basko Hatemail Central

Sue Brasko

Here at the Internet Chronicle we rarely, if ever, receive hatemail thanks to our impeccable human rights record. It seems, however, that two articles have upset a famous lawyer who is widely known for being a “highly intelligent, highly educated, very personable, very caring, good person,” or at least that’s how . . .

Media Mogul Grows Abusive As Website Ratings Fail

FILE PHOTO: Old Brutus assaulted fellow employees as they tried to restrain him. Witnesses say he bit, kicked and scratched Executive Editor Kilgoar Trout. Brutus later threatened suicide.

Brutus reportedly knocked a hole in his office wall with the butt of a rifle after drinking himself into a racist stupor. “Young kids just don’t like double-nigger-penetration anymore,” said Brutus. . . .

Snowden Gone Wild!

Pope taking media joke “a little too far”

Pope Francis grovels Thursday at the hairy feet of a sub-human Muslim girl.

Top Cardinals at the Vatican said Pope Francis is “taking that whole ‘respecting the smallest and least-fortunate’ joke a little too far.”

The move has the Vatican PR Department worried the public has finally caught on to . . .

Sakawa Juju that will make you WEALTHY!

Sakawa relies on Juju priests who often cast curses and charge terrible prices for their blessing.

Have your earnings from Sakawa gone dry? Has your Juju shaman failed once again? Are you tired of blood sacrifice, risky rituals, and constantly jumping between Juju priests? Don’t be turned into a dog or found dead from . . .

NullCrew Ups the Ante With Valentine’s Day Release Threat

NullCrew’s Twitter Profile Photo

Two weeks.

Two weeks until you’re either drinking wine, snuggling (or worse) with your loved one; or cowering in fear as the NullCrew‘s latest SQL injection information is dropped for all the world to see . . . or at least a couple of hundred people.

As . . .

Lebal Drocer, Inc. Purchases Human Being

RICHMOND, VA. — “We just seen the opportunity, and I couldn’t pass it up. I had to own a slave,” said Internet Chronicle Publisher Frank Mason, speaking to clerical staff and press called to a conference at 1000 Monument Ave. With Jeff Schapiro from the Times-Dispatch busily taking notes, Mr. Mason continued, lamenting that he . . .

Schools are the reason for school shootings

What’s causing all these school shootings? Guns? Not enough guns? The News Media and easy infamy? Violent video games? Violent movies? Lack of mental health care? Lack of religion, culture, and community?


The reason for the school shooting epidemic should be obvious:

The schools.

They’re prisons.

Remember finding yourself all of the sudden . . .