Miley Sex Bieber Psy Scandal Cancer Dies at 27

EPOXY FUMES — Earlier Friday Evening, Nobody believed Miley could have sexed Psy and Bieber who gave her cancer. Then she died, and the results were released to the Internet forever.

Sex gives them the cancer. Now Miley has the cancer and she will die. Hannah Montana is dead from cancer. This is because she . . .

I Am America – A Herman Cain Fanfic

Trollman Cain

Herman Cain crouched down over the woman, who was now bloody, disheveled and used, and he asked her politely if he might take her out to dinner sometime, and if he can get that phone number. . . .

A New American Prayer

You know I don’t give a fuck about your free market economy failfest.

I don’t give a fuck about your friends.

I don’t fucking like you.

I don’t fucking like this job.

I don’t like your debt palaces or your shit eating faces grinning back at me like I’m your next victim. Eat shit, . . .

Fuck you @ShadowMindGear

Hello, I’m Andrew Breitbart and my mother abandoned me. I was adopted by a liberal family of Jews and still have a chip on my shoulder. . . .