Nigerian Electronic Army holds Reddit 0day hostage for dogecoins

Meet the Nigerian Electronic Army — the next LulzSec!

REDDIT — The Nigerian Electronic Army, now in possession of a deadly “zero day” exploit for Reddit, has defaced several popular Reddit subforums with demands they be paid in dogecoin and bitcoin in exchange for release of the exploit. Among the defaced sites are . . .

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “satanic rant” on the set of Cosmos

Was Neil Tyson possessed by Satan on the set of Cosmos?

INTERNET — Workers on the set of of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos reported what some called a “demonic possession” which overtook the pop scientist.

“He was frothing at the mouth, his eyes opened wide. I saw pain shoot across his face, like . . .


Snowden and Pussy Riot fled Russia before dumping power point plans for European invasion

INTERNET — Edward Snowden, famed NSA leaker, fled Russia Monday before dumping a database of power point presentations outlining Russia’s plans to invade Eastern Europe and rebuild the USSR under the new “Eurasian Union.”

Speaking from a hotel room . . .

Glenn Greenwild bullies internet

Greenwild leers at the audience with sheer hate, because he knows they have been misled their entire lives by JTRIG psyops beamed into their homes.

INTERNET — Glenn Greenwild, investigative dispatcher working under the banner of powerful billionaire Pierre Omidyar’s Snowden News Network (SNN), attacked Reddit moderators Friday for intense and directed shilling . . .

Justin Bieber brain dead after smoking “Wax”

Justin Bieber was caught smoking weed in 2013 and has been hospitalized for a “wax” overdose

INTERNET — Justin Bieber was hospitalized Thursday after taking what his friends described as an “astounding dose of wax,” the ultimate purified form of marijuana. Bieber was declared brain dead on arrival and Dr. Troubador of Los . . .

Internet “runs out of new memes”

Cololo, credited as the last original meme creator, died last year leaving the Internet deprived of novelty.

INTERNET — A controversial new study which incorporated all the data of the internet over the course of the last decade, graciously provided by the NSA, has led Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador to make a startling . . .

Burj Khalifa destroyed by Christian Extremists

The world’s second tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, was destroyed by the impact of seven hijacked intercontinental spaceplanes.

DUBAI — The Christian fundamentalist extremist terror organization “God’s Foundation,” led by Jamie Jo Horne, crashed seven hijacked spaceplanes into the Burj Dubai, the world’s second largest skyscraper. Officials say “Hundreds of thousands” were evacuated . . .

Chelsea Manning Reconciles with Adrian Lamo

Lamo recently left a polyamorous relationship as Kevin Mitnick’s “bottom bitch”

INTERNET — The world’s second most famous whistleblower, Chelsea Manning, and the hacker snitch who ratted her out, Adrian Lamo, reconciled in a passionate conjugal visit at the disciplinary barracks in Fort Leavenworth, Texas on Tuesday evening.

Manning disclosed her work with . . .

The invisible widget

Is this you, right now?

INTERNET — Every day, you go to work and consider it a privilege. In fact, you pay your bosses for what you have always considered a service. It’s fun to go to work.

You work for a few different bosses, depending on your tastes, but they are all . . .

New Dogwald meme gains popularity on the World Wide Web

Fans and critics alike of controversial reporter Glen Greenwald enjoy the hilarious Dogwald meme.

INTERNET — You may have heard of the popular “doge” meme featuring the silly sideways glance of a lovable Shiba Inu dog, but meet Dogwald, the newest dog-based meme which has local dog lovers chuckling in their cubicles.

Snowden’s . . .