Lurk moar: Ryan Cleary violates bail after talking to Sabu, goes directly to jail

Ryan Cleary

LONDON — Ryan Cleary proved his attorney wrong March 5. He is guilty as fuck. . . .

Lady GaGa diagnosed with brain cancer

Lady Gaga

Doctors confirmed reports Saturday suggesting Lady Gaga has been diagnosed with brain cancer. The singer has asked her fans to “stay strong.” . . .

State of the Internet address


Condition: deplorable . . .

UFO books in public school libraries are a deliberate disinformation campaign planted by the U.S. Government

flying rods

We make a lot of money talking about the truth on Lebal Drocer, Inc. Radio HATE at after-hours. Thursday we talked about aliens with accomplished author Kilgore Trout, an expert on aliens and the paranormal who is currently laboring over the Internet Anti-Hero Handbook (tentatively titled). He explained the . . .

Derek Anderson top najjace as Gvoš na meepsheep travi preliminaries underway

meepsheep cigarsex

Meepsheep is Derek R. Anderson of Aurora, Colorado, a 4chan regular who engages in illegal behavior on the internet and thinks people don’t know who he is. . . .

New Product uncovers nightmarish realities

The Lebal Drocer Hate-Coil "Mind Over Matter"

Lebal Drocer’s Mind Over Matter can be inserted directly into the brain stem and is powered by any wall outlet, and your stupid gay thoughts. . . .

Rick Santorum: top 5 unorthodox views

Haha funny Santorum

So brave! Chronicle.SU Christian Scientists analyze the various ways in which Ricky Santorum demonstrates his Christian bravery. . . .

Those Sandusky Boys – A Major Motion Picture


Penn State’s Coach Jerry Sandusky molested little boys “for teh lulz” and now stars in his own movie about the heinous crime! . . .

Sabu: Fall From Grace

SABU was working with the FBI when Stratfor was hacked

The biggest named hacker in the world right now used to endorse until we found out he’s working for the FBI. Then he decided he hates us. He wrote nasty stuff about us. Nobody believed us when we warned them he’s working with the government. About three days ago, news hit he is the biggest snitch in online criminal history. We were right, before anyone else was. . . .

Exam time



Twice, we will release spiders into the room. This means you still have 45 minutes to complete the exam, and fifteen minutes, respectively.

— Frank Mason (@TerribleAuthor) March 8, 2012