Litecoin trading increases in both volume and value along with the Bitcoin


Litecoin shows promise behind sudden Bitcoin inflation. . . .

LinkedIn to merge with

man fired for sickening addiction

“Destroying your own life has never been easier,” said Nottaway. “With the power of LinkedIn, users will soon be able to share their favorite surreptitious jailbait photographs with people they know in real life, at unprecedented profits to us.” . . .


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How To Win The Unwinnable Lion War

Which side would win in a global battle of 5,000 marines versus 10 trillion lions? No unlimited ammo, no escaping into space, and no more than 10 nuclear weapons. . . .

College Party

drug party!

We are all so smart. Look at us, how fucking smart we are. We all agree. We are ALL in agreement. Look at us. How we do agree! We are all so loud. Listen to us. How loudly in agreement we can be! How little we say. In so many words. How few thoughts, between . . .

NSA totally behaving like creepy uncle at the Internet family reunion

Creepy old Uncle NSA. Where are his hands??

It’s hanging onto everyone, leering around at the room as it gropes the family children, probing for stuff it’s not supposed to find.

“Uh-oh, what have we here? Something you’re not supposed to be doing. Your parents would be very upset if . . .

New NSA Director Will Spy on NSA

“Concealed within his fortress, the Lord of America sees all. His gaze pierces cloud, shadow, earth, and flesh. You know of what I speak, Greenwald: a great Eye, lidless, wreathed in flame.” . . .

Internet Attorney Sue Basko Deletes Internet Chronicle Accusations

Sue Brasko is going to sue the shit out of you and send you straight to prison if you so much as mention her name.

The article’s takedown coincides with the explosive release of Yung Danny Dantalion’s new hit single “Sue Basko – BASED FREESTYLE.” . . .

Snowden Reveals Revolutionary Hacking Method


MOSCOW – In his new video, a sleepy Edward Snowden demonstrated how to hack any website using only an iPhone and the RAM from a scientific calculator. With these new secrets, Snowden said, literally anyone in the world can carry out an attack on a government agency.

“You hear a . . .

Internet Chronicle Boasts Harmful Success

The Grandmaster of the Illuminati stepped out of the shadows to tell reporters they were responsible for 9/11, and it may have been their worst mistake yet.

The Internet Chronicle tried to warn you about the AntiChrist on your doorstep, people, but now it’s standing in the kitchen cooking pies and . . .