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"I really thought we had them, this time..."

Yesterday over 3,000 members of Anonymous showed up in Sony retail outlets around the world. Their stated intent was to raise awareness about how they could not run Linux on a Playstation, a feature Sony has removed due to problems with piracy. Their complaint only helped salesman bring attention to new features in Sony products. Meanwhile, customers mocked and teased “Anons” so deeply that the shame even penetrated their wicked Guy Fawkes masks from V for Vendetta. These “boycotts” were a free publicity gift from Anonymous to Sony that actually increased sales.

This is part of a disturbing new trend for Anonymous, which seems to be increasingly ready to self-destruct all over the wrong targets. After siding with the freedom of speech during the WikiLeaks cablegate crisis, Anonymous has been unable to find an equally righteous cause. Sony has done no wrong that their customers can even understand. Failing to see this fact time and time again, the “hyper-conscious” Anonymous has acted out their own “We do not forgive” mantra until it’s turned into real-life public humiliation.

Completely unable to recognize the views of the outside world, the ever more cult-like Anonymous is left to grapple with its internal power structures. The respect that leaders within “Operation” Payback gained from attacking Mastercard, Paypal, and Visa in defense of Julian Assange has been used to turn a one-off “operation” into several months of humiliating failures. The creators of “Operation” Payback are simply choosing targets to keep their peons interested. As Anonymous continues to claim that they have no leaders, the world wonders why they’re acting like they do. The leaders of “Operation” Payback are coercing actions out of Anonymous.

Anonymous claims to be self-critical and self-correcting. Anonymous claims to have no leadership. Yet any criticism of leadership within Anonymous leads to excommunication. They will say “it cannot possibly happen, because we are anarchic.” This naive idea is encoded into the culture. To criticize the individuals who do clearly lead will often result in Anons making the equivalent of an argument for divine right. They have taken the reins of Anarchy, so they deserve their power. Quite wrongly, Anons often refer to this idea as meritocracy.

Another tactic to deflect attention from the growth of the cult leader class are the “democratic” mechanisms within Anonymous. Anyone who has witnessed a vote in action can not help but wonder: How is it that a group of around fifty voters represents the hundreds or thousands that it takes to carry out protests and attacks? It is fairly obvious that the cult leaders of Anonymous use democracy only as a show to maintain a positive identity.

Anonymous isn’t anarchy.

Anonymous isn’t meritocracy.

Anonymous isn’t democracy.

Anonymous is cult.

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  • Crowanoa

    The real problem is not with Anonymous but with society itself. To be honest the main reason Anonymous is taking such a hit is because sony is more integrated into everyday society. If it was a smaller company that most people haven’t heard of this wouldn’t be goin on. However if sony in fact does pull out that gold bullshit it wouldn’t surprise me because it’s the only gaming console in history to ever offer free online play and of course it stems from money issues, and the best way to keep the people from doing something sony would regret is to place blame onto others. That way when they start to charge people money for the things that should be free or for online gaming no one would complain. They would just say that it’s to help raise security so that something like this doesn’t happen again. However the main question that i have yet to see answered or really asked in detail, is how this multi-billion dollar company’s security was so lax that somebody could actually perform this so called cyber terrorism without anybody being able to stop it or notice it. That in itself is fishy to me, but I’m just a reclusive man who is still waiting for complete facts and proof of anything said against anybody. The fact that sony itself is refusing to divulge any information is what really makes one think about what the truth really is but that could just be me.

  • anonymous needs me. im tired of this sit-in anarchy bullshit. its time to take this to new heighths. really…realllyyyy high

  • Noko

    What a worthless article. Troll harder.

  • what a corny article? this site is looking for some attention and hits. hahaha

  • Anonomask

    Why must they post a photoshoped picture? the truth is so not here now..