LauraPlushy follow-up

Laura Plushy is quite possibly the dumbest nearly-sexy person I’ve ever seen.

Laura Plushy is the kind of girl to whom I might lie about my name when I meet her, just for the sake of impregnating her and never contacting her again. Yes, I would do that. And yes, I would get an AIDS test soon afterwards.

Because that’s all she’s good for. ReplyGirl? That’s lower than a callgirl. Dirty, dirty girl.

Bitch, you are disgusting. But I should clarify, you are disgusting in a way that makes me want to water you like a garden with my seed, and never look back. You do this to many men. That’s why you have so many views, but so many dislikes as well.

I think you’re so profoundly gross, that I don’t quite know how to hate you. So if possible could you please reply to this in a video?

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4 comments to LauraPlushy follow-up

  • Dane Zvane

    Of all the things you could criticize her for, being ugly is not one of them. And she’s no dummy: she uploaded reply videos to trending and viral videos, and actually made a LOT of money. Why is being smart enough to win at YouTube “disgusting”? Why all the hate? She’s actually pretty nice. She had energy and ambition, nothing wrong with that.

  • spookinWORD

    Oh ffs….ugly girl and even uglier tits…