Sony shuts down PSN, saves billions and blames Anonymous

Yesterday, Sony purposefully shut down its own Playstation Network servers to save itself billions in operating costs. This move was shrouded with rumors that Anonymous has yet again resorted to the unpopular DDoS attacks that led to the failed “boycott” of Sony products on April 16th. Sony, as always, has made a meaningless and vague statement about their network status in an attempt to counter any blame.

Despite their own miserable failure with Sony, Anonymous has not even had time to come up with a new strategy. In fact, Anonymous has entirely lost interest in wasting their time on Sony. Playstation 3 owners have reactivated their violent urges which are at a steady boiling point without Call of Duty: Black Ops. The last bastion of truly free press,, has been under sporadic DDoS attacks that may have originated from “Sonyfags” or the Playstation Network itself.

Now with a scapegoat for all future network outages, Sony is free to mistreat their own user base without discretion. Sony currently has a plan in the works to create paid Playstation “Gold” accounts that will not suffer from network outages which disable completely unrelated services such as Netflix and Skype. This strategy is consistent with Reddit’s current “downtime” that allows only paid Reddit “Gold” accounts the ability to log in.

Free information and net neutrality is dying at the altar of Anonymous, as I have predicted. Public opinion is being manipulated by the global oligarchs who control multi-national corporations like Sony. The people are being whipped into a hate-storm that can only end with mass vannings of the Anonymous collective.

UPDATE: Sony has admitted that the database of personal information on PSN has been compromised. Anonymous sides with the users of PSN in filing a class action lawsuit against the incompetence of Sony!

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  • aaron bradnt

    attention all PS3 users i think i have figured out the reason y playstation network is shut down i think xbox is behind it do to the fact xbox 360 is in competition wit PS3 n PS3 has alot more users than xbox wat about this xbox is the cause of the network outage by xbox hacking into sony so it would crash n then it would look like hackers who have hacked sony before that way ppl would move over to xbox 360 since it is the game system at the moment were it has online tell me if this makes sense or if u agree

    • god

      you are retarted microshaft would do no such thing to allow sony to make money

    • you have ds shortbus psn fag dick licker. sony shut down the servers so they could install software that will record everything you do or think while on the ps3. while they were doing that (it was on 420) a worker at sony tripped over the cord of the psn mainframe. its like when your power goes out and when your tv comes back on, on the guide it says To Be Announced on all the channels. its just rebooting. everyone get over it, you can live without the shitty ps3 version of black ops playing against little kids and stoners.

  • jake

    i dont get it… how do they save billions by dropping the servers on the release date for portal and new games like socom and MK? surely they lose out big time on that market…. plus its easter school holidays. kids are buying games and using the network flatout.

    no… i think they will loose quite a bit of money from this.

    anonhitler… first of all your name isent edgy its just lame and offensive. secondly are you saying that children who use the playstation network enjoy rectal fornication or are they ciguretes…. or are you just a pathetic fucking nerd… oh wait im on an anon site…

    • jake, this would be true IF PSN charged money to play on their servers. because it’s free, your argument makes little to no sense at all. they make money from the games and the systems being bought, which will not be hampered by a few days of server downtime. if you think about it, the cost of maintaining the servers costs alot, and since they don’t make any money by people playing on them because it’s free, that particular part is a money loss. netwise, however, it’s a gain because people buy games and buy their systems to play on the internet for free, but by having the servers down for merely a few days, people will still be buying them, but without the cost of maintaining servers, it creates a larger profit.

      • Blake

        Jeff Buddy, ill have you know sony are losing money. Sony shares dropped by 2.8% at close on thursday afteroon (after the announcement that the servers would be down a day or two). Do you think that in leaving the network down that their shares will go back up. No, they will continue to decline – therefore the company will lose money. Sure they may save money from having the servers down, and people buying games. But, when you compare this to stock market value and reputation its nothing.

  • Shawn

    you think they would be more prepared.

  • Shawn

    If Psn it on ready for 8 pm today im am going to buy an xbox because it never happend to xbox

    • anon

      Ummmm Xbox360 got shut down for 12 days when cod4 came out thank you very much

      • god

        i was FURIOUS… and they gave us a free game didnt they, as an apology (and it sucked lol i was just pumped ta play some cod 4 still think it was the best one)

  • The player

    man, you guys are completely stupid it has nothing to do with them upgrading the servers nor does it have anything to do with them turning it off to protect themselves from a billion-trillion dollars of cash.

    it’s just a simple bug within the internal system of the servers, it should take 2-3 days before it can be completely restored. so till then grab your controllers and start killing “zombies” it’s the only thing that’s fun to do while servers are done eh?

    and for those you who said Sony is lying to us? please correct your spelling i mean seriously if you’re going to diss the company at-least learn to spell first?

    also, Sony’s entertainment doesn’t have to worry about such a huge bill fucking up their company i mean it’s us as a community that’s helping pay that bill by buying the map packs and all that great stuff.

    • or go out outside and enjoy some fresh fucking air instead of letting a ps3 babysit you while your parents are at work, or at home not caring. fuck black ops. infinity ward rules. sony is rebooting servers in anticipation of 2011 releases including a certain mw3. expect much smoother gameplay, better quality all around (except in the competition, psn fags suck at most games)