Suspicious death of Anonymous target Deanna Despain raises questions about Barrett Brown

“The best way to proceed with a controversial plan is to implement it first and then slowly prepare others to accept it.” ~ Barrett Brown

City Clerk Deanna Despain was recently doxed by Anonymous and subsequently found dead under suspicious circumstances. Barrett Brown has refused to comment on this matter.

Barrett Brown is perhaps the most well-known heroin addict in the world, representing hackers from the Anonymous collective. Like others in the media, Brown has little or no idea what Anonymous actually is. To him, it’s just a springboard for his own personal agenda, which includes taking baths on TinyChat and purchasing his own Texas compound like his hero David Koresh.

bariumbath 300x226 Suspicious death of Anonymous target Deanna Despain raises questions about Barrett Brown

Barrett Brown was named this year's most despicable person by the despicable people at Gawker.

After the recent Stratfor hack, Brown scrambled to defend the theft of credit card information, arguing that “the hacking team that obtained this information did not break down the doors of the target, point guns at children, and shoot down any dogs that might have been present.” If this group of hackers had the capability to do these things, and it served their agenda, it’d be bizarre to imagine they’d back down because of their upstanding moral character. Another document from an Anonymous representative denied the attack altogether, receiving more support from Anonymous than Brown’s statement.

“Sometimes I feel left out because I don’t really know much about computers and everyone I interact with talks crazy future gibberish.” ~ Barrett Brown, spokesperson for Anonymous

Barrett Brown has a history of making unverified statements to stay in the public eye. Brown tweeted, “Those in Asheville, NC should watch movements of District Attorney Ron Moore at this time,” implying that information about Moore’s criminal activity would soon surface. It did not. Brown also famously claimed that a member of Anonymous was abducted by the Zetas, but this was not true. Brown’s home address was then published by Anonymous, and he appealed to Occupy DC for funding so he could escape certain death at the hands of the Zetas to the safety of New York. After a few short weeks, Brown returned home, now entirely safe. Brown’s most laughable red herring to date has to be the “Barium issue,” which he has used only when the news cycle has become completely dry.


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  • I like the guy, I read a lot of his page here–> and think he is a organized young man. I like that he can change his mind on a point. You dont see that to much these days. The anons could learn a thing or two from him. I think he should try to kick the horse that never helped anyone. It is easy to OD on it and you never know what your sticking in your arm or how strong it is. I know of people to do the crappie flop to many times. The picture of him in the bath is saying, “fuck you its bath time mofo”. All class to funny. Wish I was watching when he did it. LMAO you go BB tell whats up.. Do not get why people dont pull together and stop the little girl name calling. Fucking anons have to pull together and learn, if they are not talking against you they are on your side.,,