Playstation Network users to file class action lawsuit

Today, Sony admitted that the recent breach in the Playstation Network compromised the personal information of its users. The information they fumbled includes full names, home addresses, birthdays, e-mails, logins, and passwords. While Sony has not been forthcoming about the safety of credit card information, they have admitted to the strong probability that this has also been compromised. Sony recommends that customers check their credit report. We must conclude the PSN credit card database has been entirely compromised, otherwise Sony would never ask its customers to check their credit reports.

Sony’s incompetence has led to the collective loss of privacy for 69 million people on PSN. It is safe to assume that this will most likely lead to financial losses in a significant proportion that may already be targets of identity theft and phishing. Even in the unlikely event that the credit card information is proven safe, PSN users have been the victims of Sony’s destructive incompetence. Representatives of the 69 million Playstation Network users are to file a class-action suit shortly. Sony will pay for the damages they have incurred. The masses will not be satisfied with small PSN trifles in exchange for network downtime. This is far beyond the scope of network downtime.

The lack of transparency Sony has shown is shocking. It is apparent that they have no regard for their own users and plot each statement carefully just to set up profitable public relations. The most likely scenario is that Sony has known all the facts for weeks. The DDoS attacks by Anonymous gave Sony their best chance to fix the situation quietly and without blame. However, Sony has misjudged the gullibility and timidity of their consumers. With the help of Anonymous, PSN users have angrily demanded answers to the right questions at the right time. Now they demand to be paid back for Sony’s failure. Anonymous is on the side of PSN users even though they were quick to wrongly blame Anonymous. Anonymous exists to make sure those who are damaged by Sony will be repaid. Anonymous will file the class action suit if no one else will. Many within Anonymous have also been harmed by Sony’s incompetence.



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  • Geo Saywhaaat

    sony admitted that psn users information has been compromised. glad i always use fake names and addresses

  • Raf

    I’m definitely with you guys on this one, Just tell me where to sign.

  • Anonymous

    F your YouTube scrub!!

  • Savyj

    How is Anonymous going to file a class action suit while remaining … anonymous?

  • Anti-sony propoganda. I mean no offence, but Sony has been very transparent, and they can hardly be blamed for wanting to keep good PR after this disaster. “Sony has known all the facts for weeks” – Well that would be quite astonishing seeing as the first attacks only occured a week ago. “Strong probability” that credit card information has been stolen – complete lie! They say it’s very unlikely while possible! You also seem to be giving Anonymous credit for this recent attack, although they themselves have denied it (officially). That’s not to say I’m anti-anonymous, I agree with, and am behind most of what Anonymous do.
    Send me a message on my Youtube if you wish to discuss this further.

    • Anonymous

      What makes a statement from Anonymous “official?”

    • Geo Saywhaaat

      why would they denie breaking the law……hmmmm. also, simply because the identity of the sony-intruder is unknown, he is anonymous. does that put him in the group, perhaps, but i too like to stay anonymous whenever im breaking laws.