Playstation Network users to file class action lawsuit

Today, Sony admitted that the recent breach in the Playstation Network compromised the personal information of its users. The information they fumbled includes full names, home addresses, birthdays, e-mails, logins, and passwords. While Sony has not been forthcoming about the safety of credit card information, they have admitted to the strong probability that this has also been compromised. Sony recommends that customers check their credit report. We must conclude the PSN credit card database has been entirely compromised, otherwise Sony would never ask its customers to check their credit reports.

Sony’s incompetence has led to the collective loss of privacy for 69 million people on PSN. It is safe to assume that this will most likely lead to financial losses in a significant proportion that may already be targets of identity theft and phishing. Even in the unlikely event that the credit card information is proven safe, PSN users have been the victims of Sony’s destructive incompetence. Representatives of the 69 million Playstation Network users are to file a class-action suit shortly. Sony will pay for the damages they have incurred. The masses will not be satisfied with small PSN trifles in exchange for network downtime. This is far beyond the scope of network downtime.

The lack of transparency Sony has shown is shocking. It is apparent that they have no regard for their own users and plot each statement carefully just to set up profitable public relations. The most likely scenario is that Sony has known all the facts for weeks. The DDoS attacks by Anonymous gave Sony their best chance to fix the situation quietly and without blame. However, Sony has misjudged the gullibility and timidity of their consumers. With the help of Anonymous, PSN users have angrily demanded answers to the right questions at the right time. Now they demand to be paid back for Sony’s failure. Anonymous is on the side of PSN users even though they were quick to wrongly blame Anonymous. Anonymous exists to make sure those who are damaged by Sony will be repaid. Anonymous will file the class action suit if no one else will. Many within Anonymous have also been harmed by Sony’s incompetence.



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  • Slick Dick

    Another bias article full of terrorist like propaganda. Anonymous are lame, the gaming community hate you and hopefully the feds are all over you. You’ve done your cause so much damage but it was bound to happen sooner or later. Your will be remembered as the disorganised misfits fighting for the right to cheat and pirate.

    • Geo Saywhaaat

      do you think anyone in the group actually cares how people feel about the collective? NO, they’re anonymous. and if you think what hackers do is wrong, take a good hard look at your government sir, or the media (marketing especially cracks me up), or sony. i bet you dont even know why GeoHotz published the jailbreak. because sony was running a campaign of diminshing customer rights. fuck sony sideways

      • Slick Dick

        Apart from I couldn’t care why GeoSnot does, the customer has ultimate right – of choice. Choose a different console you idiot.

        The irony is you tools would rather bring the whole company down because they won’t let you hack their box.

        Guess what: no Sony – no box you moron. And in your wishful world no competition and no choice. Good work guys well thought through!

        • Sony Rocks!

          you fucking moron, do you think before you type or do you spread your cheeks wide and let the shit pour? i’m assuming the later. if i pay 300 for a system, and one of the best features of that system (otherOs) was removed so that the company (sony) could make sure they made money on everything done/played on the ps3. george hotz, and many other less moronic individuals than yourself realized what sony was doing.
          and your use of the word irony is ironically misplaced.
          and yes the entire company should be brought down for revoking my rights to use it in whatever way i dam well please. now sir, your retort?

          • Slick Dick

            If otherOs was your main reason for buying a PS3 (Which is strange because its a game console) why did you update? Was it because you actually use your console for PSN as well? Were you one of these cheats?

            Because of GeoSnot otherOS was now incompatible with the fairness of PSN, people were using it to cheat and hack games. Another important feature of PS3 was PSN, its fairness and supposedly the inability to cheat. PC has been compromised in this way and was a reason why I bought a PS3 instead of using my PC for games.

            Sony realised the 2 features conflicted with each other and gave the users a Choice – OtherOs [Don't update] or PSN [Update]. It is a shame it came to that because OtherOs was good, but as a game console it was not what its main purpose was, OtherOS had to go, right decision.

            I love how you fags complain like you’ve been raped over this, you all just want to cheat and pirate, and you use this otherOs as an excuse because they stopped you. It’s a game console use it for games, buy a PC if you want to make your own Linux or cheat on COD.

            TL;DR: Can’t have both OtherOS and fair PSN, you had the choice, you shouldn’t have updated. Realistically you should blame GeoSnot for OtherOs, he abused it and told the world, Sony just made a tough call to protect their customers.

            • geo>u

              i didnt read your entire reply, because im only going to address the first paragraph. when did i say that otherOs was the reason i bought a ps3?? i simply said sony was wrong for taking it away.

              • Slick Dick

                Nice try 12 year old, reading is hard when your that young and ignorance is bliss – enjoy your youth and stop pretending to be older than you are. When you get older you will understand why companies need to make decisions like this. Hell if your lucky you might even get a job where you make decisions.

                • god dam repubs

                  your fucking dumb. go kill yourself.
                  your a sheep.
                  the dumbest person in my ap calculus class would make you feel retarded.
                  i’m assuming this site makes you pee your pants.
                  go vote or do something else useless. fag

  • i3lome

    Its prolly not that serious. Geotwat settled with a sony cock in his mouth. Keepin hush hush about what that have agreed upon. During the shit storm Mr.Twat Realeases his knowledge of the PSN failures. Sony uses Anon threats as cover to pass blame as a hack, instead of more failure.

    Piracy was never the issue, Allowing us to see they send our information over the PSN in plain text, could kill the company.

    Only Damage Control option-Point the finger at hackers and hope people believe it. Sony may take a small hit but will still be ok.

    Truth- With no real answers from Sony, we are all being lied to.

    • Geo Saywhaaat

      if this was on facebook, i would like it.

    • fuck geohotz

      With all the threat and hype from anon boards towards sony, and the fact they do actually follow through on what they threaten to do, i wouldnt put it past them.

      like i said, there’s a big difference between flooding a page and comprimising private information.

      • i3lome

        I agree with you about everyones info, even when i was a kid and had sticky fingers. I never took anything from people or privatly owned stores. But then, at the Nike store in the mall, they had 1000′s of shoes with no hole’s that didnt hurt your feet. 1 pair isnt gonna be missed.

        I dont support Anon or Sony, I just want to be able to do what ever i want with my $400 black box 3. I honestly think that Sony should pay for identy protection and damages for anyone that that will be effected.

        • i3lome

          Anon seem like the non agresive type. With the URL redirections and all that spiffy stuff. They prolly could have hacked the network, but Im sure alot of them have the names on the list. Along with the 9th grade A honor roll award.

          Sony- Pissed about Geotwat exposing Keys. People see the sloppy coding that will reveal the privacy flaws to begin with. Geo pulls out the secrets and tells sony what he really knew. Now where her, blame low level hackers(anon) for there booboo and be their own hero.

        • acidburn4323

          i agree but do you know how much fucking money that would be

  • fuck geohotz

    fuck you anon cunts, you’ve gone too far this time. taking down a fucking web-page is one thing, but comprismising 70+million credit cards is a whole other deal.

    i seriously wouldnt doubt it if many countries acted upon this as a global terror threat.

    hope you anon fucks burn.

    • Geo Saywhaaat

      ahahahaha, i love idiots such as yourself. can you rant on religion or politics or something else you know nothing about? i need some lulz after writing this paper for government

  • Missy

    Actually Savyj… I was wondering the same thing.

    Dear Sony,

    Since the first playstation came out I have enjoyed your company. Adventure games, roleplaying games, and of course I was always one of the first to get the next system!

    However, you are acting like a typical corporate bully, out for the money not caring who they step on to get it. You should have informed ALL users the MINUTE you believed your network had been ‘hacked’. Even if you were not ‘positive’ a heads-up would have been nice…. Heck a heads-up seems fitting considering it isn’t YOUR credit card information on line, eh?

    Regrettably, you will not change as there will always be mindless drones who will mumble and grumble but never really do anything for change.

    Regards, Me

    P.s. You are despicable. Thank you.

    • Geo Saywhaaat

      missy, you should come over and we can play roleplaying games:)
      -ps-your entire comment is infallible, unlike my spelling. well done

  • Shobalobadingdong

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