What the fuck is the Plan?

theplan What the fuck is the Plan?

If this makes sense to you, you're deeply delusional.

So what’s this big “plan” that some Anonfags keep talking about? There seems to be a load of extremely vague and terrible bullshit surrounding this whole phenomenon, so I thought I’d take a closer look. Turns out, it’s a pretty transparent attempt at piggybacking Anonymous to create a solid ideology that’s centered around a small cabal of leaders.

One of the goals of this “plan” is a new government. While it’s perfectly logical to want to scrap the government we currently have, joining in a web forum dedicated to this purpose is equivalent to putting yourself on the terror watch list. Anyway, I think there are many within Anonymous who feel like our government would work properly if more people actually became involved in it, rather than advocating a complete revolution. Trying to define Anonymous as dedicated to a new government is offensive to my understanding of the collective.

The principles of “the plan” are to promote personal growth, government transparency, and freedom of speech. However, I don’t see how what is the plan actually practices any of these principles. For one, there is no transparency in their forums, as they are not open to the public. Secondly, the phases of “the plan” are some kind of cloak-and-dagger secret. Thirdly, the participants don’t seem to speak freely about what “the plan” actually means. It appears they’re only allowed to say ridiculously vague and mysterious things devoid of any real meaning. Finally, we can assume that the discussion is tightly controlled and puts boundaries on individuality, discouraging personal growth. The only reason to keep a forum private is to hide this kind of behavior – behavior I’ve witnessed in the closed forums of the Tea Party. In every way, what is the plan mirrors the structure of Tea Party Nation, a closed forum centered around the personalities of a few leaders they call moderators.

“Each phase will explain the progress and current focus as they are initiated. Phase 1 will begin on approximately June 15th, 2011. Phase 2 will be an expansion and escalation of Phase 1 with a much more collective focus, while Phase 3 will bring the masses of The Plan to action across the globe. The people will be heard. “

The three phase one-year plan reeks of Stalin’s five year plans. The plan will be over, and another plan will just take its place. These plans will just feed on the idealism of young Anons and offer them a pretend reward when the plan is finalized, which will never even be delivered in an intangible form. Just like Stalin’s five year plans, this “plan” is just a propaganda tool to draw people into the forums at what is the plan. God only knows what their real plan is, but let’s hope its not to create a catalog of people who support the overthrow of the government. Because from this armchair activist’s point of view, that’s sure what it looks like.

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