Bruno Mars gay

bruno mars gay Bruno Mars gay

An image uploaded to Bruno Mars’ website raises new questions regarding his sexuality.

According to his website


A photo uploaded to pop superstar Bruno Mars’ website Monday morning answered questions lingering among online communities and forums.

The photo heading “I THINK I’M GAY!” left no room for suggestion as to what the singer-songwriter could possibly mean – or a lot, depending on your imagination!

In 2011, Mars received six Grammy nominations, highlighting the tremendous progress made by the LGBT community within the music industry, following in the footsteps of legends such as Elton John, David Bowie and Ricky Martin.

Bruno Mars’ first album, Doo-Wops & Hooligans proved to be the third biggest-selling album of 2011 in the United Kingdom.

Mars is currently working on his second album after signing a worldwide publishing deal with BMG Chrysalis.

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  • Karissa

    THIS IS A RUMOR! BRUNO ISN’T GAY AT ALL! Bruno admitted that hes not gay on the radio station. You ppl got it all twisted.

    • Jacob Ray

      I heard it my self thank you very much I think it is great for him to be happy and gay

    • Ron Dale

      You must be kidding : all the internet talks about that and some source are more than reliable.

      Nah, I think he is really gay and he has just tried to see on 1st of april how his fans will react to came out the closet a moment after.

  • poopface johnson

    faggot circlejerk

  • Alex S L

    Support! Great job and courage!

  • John Razin

    What a faggot I can’t believe him God is almighty and will judge him.

  • Bill Simmons

    David Bowie isn’t gay, he’s married to model Iman Mohammed abdulamajid.