Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory a hoax!

Since 2007, a conspiracy theory about the Denver Airport has received massive attention on youtube. Although no conspiracy is actually promoted in the video, the context of conspiracy is quite clear. By alluding to other conspiracy theories and twisting the perception of frightening images, this media is intended to create public distrust for the Denver Airport. A good hoax, but not good enough to fool me. The video is missing the emotional appeals that appear in Loose Change, as well as a cohesive plot. A conspiracy theory about population control that doesn’t use chemtrails as a plot device is saddening and unbelievable. I’ve always believed chemtrails are real, as airplanes have been seeding us for decades with the first part of a two part poison.


The true source of the Denver Airport “conspiracy” is a group of film students at Hong Kong International School. The frightening images, music, and theories play to an audience that already believes in the New World Order conspiracy. As one of the most blatant hoaxes on youtube, I found it especially entertaining. It plays almost like top-notch satire, mildly ruined by school-project delivery of the voice-overs.



12 comments to Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory a hoax!

  • Cat Stevens

    A swastika would be an effective way to arrange landing strips as it allows planes to land from almost any direction.

  • RJ

    So, I would think a hidden secret organization would not put so many clues in the open that even morons can see. Maybe we go back to Occam.

  • Somebody told me creepy things about Denver airport and I usually think people who go on about mason/NWO things are mental, but this seems really strange.

    The runways are in the shape of a swastika and there’s a monument with a mason symbol on it that says underneath New World Airport. .

    Then I thought, if it was part of a NWO, why would they make it that obvious?

    What do others think?

  • Some way out conspiracy theorists believe that there are government agencies recruiting certain individuals who have a genetic displacement which allows them to see glimpses of the future or enables them to do remote viewing. There have been many way out stories and conspiracy theorist books written on individuals with telepathic powers working for the United States government.