Too Strong for a Warlock?

Due to her love of pork chops, the heavily tattooed corpse of 27 year old singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse was not buried in the consecrated Muslim territory of Great Britain. Instead, her corpse was cremated late Monday evening, causing a level 7 INES accident. Great Britain is in a state of emergency and a twenty mile exclusion zone around the morgue will be in effect for the next five years.

Charlie Sheen was rushed to Cedar Sinai Medical Center after allegedly hijacking a police helicopter to “bang a few grams” of Amy Winehouse’s cremated remains. After the pilot passed out from the cloud of toxic gas, Sheen crash landed the helicopter near the morgue and crawled through the wreak to reach Winehouse’s ashes. Within moments of smearing his gums with her remains, Sheen stripped naked, spouted several quatrains from Nostradamus, and claimed all of civilization was a mere game of chess strategically played by a race of 16 foot big headed aliens.

Giorgio Tsoukalous has been the first scientist to back Sheen's ideas.

Moments later, Sheen’s eyes glazed over, a small amount of drool escaped the corner of his mouth, and he collapsed to the floor. A frantic call to the police was made by an employee at the morgue who was too busy screaming profanity to give his name. “Please [expletive] hurry! I’m [expletive] positive that this is either one of the [expletive] Olsen twins or Gary [expletive] Coleman. Holy mother of [expletive] I’m [expletive] out of my mind, man!”

Hazmat crews arrived with hermetically sealing plastic coffins, assuming they would find only dead bodies. However, after a hose-down, Sheen reached into his front pocket and took a quick snort of what he had saved of Winehouse and perked right up. Sheen ripped open a worker’s chemical suit and declared victory. “Winning!”

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  • does it matter

    I enjoyed coming here and having a read even posted a bit from her to facebook. Now I think your sick fucks trolling over someones death, its not funny and its not big. My opinion has rapidly changed maybe this aint such a good place to come and have a read after all

    • I enjoyed coming here and reading your comments. I even replied a bit from her to facebook. Now I think your sicks fuck trolling over someones article mentioning a death, its not funny and its not big. It’s huge, and veiny! My opinion has rapidly changed maybe this aint such a good place to come and read a comments after all.

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      well, idk about you, sir, but reading that didn’t give me the impression that the article was written with any serious undertones. if you don’t agree, i can direct you to this page where all your problems may be properly voiced:

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    Christfuck I’m jonesing for some Amy Winehouse.