Thursday Morning

Dear Friend,

I believe in solving problems with shows of military strength, not an unbearable series of apologies — from idealism, not realism.

I’ve seen the everyday pompousness and stubbornness of the Americans across our country. I’ve seen huxters and inheritors do everything but scrape and save, while giving in to corruption and fear. I’ve witnessed the funeral of morality and the rebirth of theft. I have good reason to believe in the American Lifestyle and the remarkable things we can achieve in the style of the ill-fated Roman Empire.

I am running for President because when I look to the future, I see a country where American are confident that the whole will see as they do, and the consequent destiny.

I will gladly suffer fools who disbelieve in our seizing my opportunity and mock my sharing a vision of how America can be worse. I want your help to begin that work today.

When I was first elected Mayor, we looked at the places where the City, or bureaucracy, or corruption, were taking away people’s dignity. We focused resources — we took on the problem with the state.