Accusations of Child Sex Against Larry King

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Ritualistic child sex abuse. Murder of an investigator. Intimidation of witnesses.

By this point as a journalist, muckraking is as built into my DNA as the production of mitochondria. As a connoisseur of conspiracy theories likely and otherwise, I consider the Franklin Credit Union child sex ring to constitute one of the classic examples of abuse of power. Accusations of its scale, in additions to the accusations that came about as the result of the original accusations, are so mind-bogglingly crooked that it’s really tough to wrap one’s mind around it sometimes.

My familiarity with the audio evidence in this case comes from a film called “Conspiracy Of Silence,” a documentary now available on Video Google. Before our feature presentation, an opening statement claims that the program was originally to run on Discovery Channel before a series of phone calls to the powers that be.

My understanding of the case is still expanding, but some of the audio testimony I heard was very compelling. New to this case, it’s difficult for me to be too certain about these accusations of Satanism (which is constitutionally protected but still enough to shove you out of Nebraska politics), but some of the audio testimony of some of the supposed victims regarding powerful adults giving them heroin and cocaine before sodomizing them was actually very compelling. Not to get too far ahead of myself, but the final charges of sexual abuse never really hit home and were thrown out as a hoax. Large portions of the testimony really lend themselves to inducing face clawing. How could these people have gotten away with this? you end up asking.

I have to admit, after having initially acquainted myself with this apparent conspiracy, I have to say I’m very biased in favor of the people who claim they were sexually abused. While this entire incident went down with I was a mere infant, I’ve lived long enough to know that people in positions of dictating right sexual action to many inevitably abuse that position. In the Franklin Trust case, we see it in a classic domestic format: a Catholic-run super orphanage. It never fails: put someone in a position of influence of such extreme magnitude, and they will inevitably let you down in a completely contrary way.

The Franklin Trust case involved accusations of a nationwide web of pedophiles which prominent Nebraskan Republican Larry King was helping service through his social connection with Boys Town. One of the victims reported a special squad of children under ten called “The Golden Boys” who could apparently be ordered up.

In all its terrible, terrible wiki.

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  • Yeah, that’s definitely an interesting case. I remember reading about that a few years ago and being fascinated. I never knew what to believe though.

    However, if I recall correctly the majority of the evidence hung on just the testimony of a few of the victims, which always concerned me.

    And I do remember feeling like some the victims seemed credible, but I also remember one of them saying some pretty crazy stuff, even claiming that Hunter S. Thompson was one of the Satanist sexual abusers.

    Interesting case though.