Amanda Todd Faked Her Death

Amanda Todd is a joke 300x216 Amanda Todd Faked Her Death

This image was posted by the Snobs at the New Yorker, in a serious-sounding opinion on the dangers of cyberbullying.

Amanda Todd never died; she transcended the mortal plane to become The Patron Saint of Internet Meme Suicide.

Her viral video, I’m sure, is a perfectly fair and balanced account of her life which spread like a disease through the internet only as a consequence of how true it was. Nothing suspicious about it at all.

In death, she is a sacred celebrity, the most valued of human beings, and her enemies are being punished. This can’t all be by design, of course. Innocent young women would never create emotionally manipulative videos. Amanda Todd’s salacious underage topless pics, which were oh-so-innocent, are more widely distributed than she could have ever imagined. She has both exacerbated and escaped her nightmare scenario, bringing a whole new suicide format back from beyond death.

“Oh, isn’t that sad suicide note video just awful?” Retweet. Share. Like. Repost. “Those bastards who drove her to post this video are to blame.” ~ The People Who Are Really To Blame.

You gullible pieces of shit.

Do you not realize what you’ve done? Now every fucking time some depressed, attention starved teenage suicide video goes viral, the millions of views will be a measure of how much you are to fucking blame for every girl who is inspired to copy her.

This isn’t even the beginning.

Amanda Todd felt “like a joke in the world,” and now she’s a bigger joke than any other suicide in the history of the human race. She’s died to bring forth the rotten fruit of social media suicide fame.


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  • bunch of dumb fucks

    I can’t believe the utter ignorance in the world still today…. is you fucking think suicide is a joke, then try it yourself you stupid self absorbed ignorant mother fuckers!!! maybe one day you too will know the pain of losing a loved one!!! I hope my efforts to raise awareness and prevent suicide does NOT include you!!

  • No Name

    Your social reality is your idea of what is “reality” based upon your culture’s norms and your socialization from a very young age. So, for example, who you percieve as weird or normal is a part of your “social reality”. Also why people call women “whores”, but slap a guy on the back, saying “Atta boy!”, for performing sexual activities.

  • No Name

    I find that the way most people react to a another’s. suicide or talk of suicide is usually reflective of their own views and fears of it. It’s a projection of thinking. Yes, this girl may have wanted attention and done somethings lacking in judgment, but she had the judgment of a 15 yr old. You never done anything you regretted when you were younger? Furthermore, how she is punished for her mistakes wouldn’t be the same if she wasn’t a girl, because when a woman does anything sexual she is a “whore”, whereas a man is a “stud” and now popular.
    Also putting all the blame on those who are harassed or mistreated is such a cope out — it’s easier to just say it was all their fault, than do something about it.
    Yes, I know suicide isn’t a pleasant thing to talk about and it forces many people to examine and think of somethings they may not want to think about. And your defense against it may be that only weak, stupid people do it and that in your mind protects you from doing it, because you’re not weak and stupid; this may be the reason for your bashing of others who commit or talk of suicide. But just know that this is just your perspective, molded and shaped by your social reality.

  • Me myself and you're dumb

    Amanda died for our sins? What about her own sins? Like sleeping with older men, knowing that older man has a girlfriend? How innocent is that? How innocent is the act of flashing men and masturbating for them?

    She was completely self-absorbed. When the attention started to fade she would let something else happen to her so she could use that as a means for more attention. In her note card video she has a card saying “he hooked up with me”. Not WE hooked up, it was all this guy’s fault. The guy with a girlfriend that she knowingly ignored because she had an insatiable need to feel important, wanted and important.

    Why is it that when a pretty young girl commits suicide because she can’t live with her own mistakes the media goes crazy, but when someone who is not attractive gets kidnapped, raped and killed the media does nothing? You’re all so superficial and mislead it’s bone-chilling.

  • farmhouse sandwitch

    amanda todd died for your sins.”forgive them father,for they know not what they do.”

    • Kilgoar

      This. No one wants to talk about the repercussions of the phenomenon of “pulling an Amanda Todd.” It’s all get sympathetic or GTFO.