Amanda Todd Faked Her Death

This image was posted by the Snobs at the New Yorker, in a serious-sounding opinion on the dangers of cyberbullying.

Amanda Todd never died; she transcended the mortal plane to become The Patron Saint of Internet Meme Suicide.

Her viral video, I’m sure, is a perfectly fair and balanced account of her life which spread like a disease through the internet only as a consequence of how true it was. Nothing suspicious about it at all.

In death, she is a sacred celebrity, the most valued of human beings, and her enemies are being punished. This can’t all be by design, of course. Innocent young women would never create emotionally manipulative videos. Amanda Todd’s salacious underage topless pics, which were oh-so-innocent, are more widely distributed than she could have ever imagined. She has both exacerbated and escaped her nightmare scenario, bringing a whole new suicide format back from beyond death.

“Oh, isn’t that sad suicide note video just awful?” Retweet. Share. Like. Repost. “Those bastards who drove her to post this video are to blame.” ~ The People Who Are Really To Blame.

You gullible pieces of shit.

Do you not realize what you’ve done? Now every fucking time some depressed, attention starved teenage suicide video goes viral, the millions of views will be a measure of how much you are to fucking blame for every girl who is inspired to copy her.

This isn’t even the beginning.

Amanda Todd felt “like a joke in the world,” and now she’s a bigger joke than any other suicide in the history of the human race. She’s died to bring forth the rotten fruit of social media suicide fame.


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  • Anonymous

    Stupid people! Shame of you,Ignorants!

  • Unicorn

    My gripe, if someone cared about her. It should have been her parents, her parents should have done more then they did then to just wait til’ after she killed herself to react to it. When they first found out about this they should have taken her webcam and laptop and forced other hobbies on her. Free will or not after this and she’s thinking about suicide and is highly depressed she shouldn’t even be online. You can’t handle the internet don’t even bother using it. You have to be safe offline and online and if ANYONE compliments online? You should have the brains to know that you can’t trust something like this.

    Flashing or not, she did way more then flash on webcam. people who use webcam most times use it to seek attention anyway. Not to mention look at her pictures. Flipping off the camera in one acting bad ass?

    She was a bully too, she doesn’t deserve to be dead it’s sad and all but she should have been smart enough to say no, block his sorry ass and move on and ignore that dumbass guy she had a fling with. She had a boyfriend before that from what I see in pictures. She was no innocent but she didn’t deserve this.

    All in all, parents watch all of your kids online and kids TRUST NO ONE! USE YOUR BRAIN!

  • DJ

    VAN RESPECT: Thank you, someone finally said it. Why can’t people show some respect? If you felt that bad about yourself, i’m sure you’d want someone to care and make an impression too. Don’t be disrespectful just because of your insecurities. Have a heart, and VAN RESPECT, I’m on your side…actually i’m on Amanda’s side, she didn’t deserve that just for making one mistake NO ONE IS PERFECT. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES. THERE IS NO REASON TO BE JUDGED FOR SOMETHING THAT EVERYONE HAS DONE OR WORSE, JUST BECAUSE HER MISTAKE WAS RECORDED. SHOW SOME RESPECT. <3 R.I.P. AMANDA TODD

  • matthieu123

    seriously? she wasn’t innocent as most people think she is. as this article says, she was a joke and is an even bigger joke. she did this out of her own free will! so she kind of deserved the bullying. she persuaded a boy to cheat on his girlfriend. every time someone is getting bullied now someone will think “oh i should kill myself now, amanda todd did and now she’s respected and liked all over the world.” NO!!! that’s is the worst thing to think. what’s more, she bullied those girls before any of this happened. once they found out that she flashed, she started getting bullied by the two girls, it was her OWN FREE WILL which led her to being bullied. people get bullied every day for stupid things like being fat(which is genetic or a disease) having glasses (again, genetic) she flashed on webcam (FREE WILL) god some of the people in this world are so naive and don’t even care to look up the facts before they start to argue

    • Kilgoar

      Well isn’t that blaming the victim!? The bullies had free will as well, bud, and they weren’t being nice people.

      That being said, she committed suicide of her own free will, although sure, she faced horrible social rejection.

      But now that bullied teenage girls are made heroes, there’s that extra incentive? Why be bullied when you can be martyred!?

      Why live when you can have social acceptance?

    • Annie

      She was 12 years old you ignorant little person!! She was a child. I have read everything and heard every side to every story and I dont care who she is or what she did, she didn’t deserve to be bullied!! I have an 11 year old daughter and a 9 year old son that I would really hurt someone over.. If anyone ever messed with my children the way this poor girl was tormented I would absolutely lose it and I’d hurt someone really bad!! I just dont understand why the school and her parents didnt do more to help this child. Anyway, I feel like all of you that are on here are probably underage punks that really doesnt know their ass from a hole in the ground so Im going to take my argument somewhere that the people can actually read and write!! REST IN PEACE BEAUTIFUL ANGEL