Amanda Todd Faked Her Death

Amanda Todd is a joke 300x216 Amanda Todd Faked Her Death

This image was posted by the Snobs at the New Yorker, in a serious-sounding opinion on the dangers of cyberbullying.

Amanda Todd never died; she transcended the mortal plane to become The Patron Saint of Internet Meme Suicide.

Her viral video, I’m sure, is a perfectly fair and balanced account of her life which spread like a disease through the internet only as a consequence of how true it was. Nothing suspicious about it at all.

In death, she is a sacred celebrity, the most valued of human beings, and her enemies are being punished. This can’t all be by design, of course. Innocent young women would never create emotionally manipulative videos. Amanda Todd’s salacious underage topless pics, which were oh-so-innocent, are more widely distributed than she could have ever imagined. She has both exacerbated and escaped her nightmare scenario, bringing a whole new suicide format back from beyond death.

“Oh, isn’t that sad suicide note video just awful?” Retweet. Share. Like. Repost. “Those bastards who drove her to post this video are to blame.” ~ The People Who Are Really To Blame.

You gullible pieces of shit.

Do you not realize what you’ve done? Now every fucking time some depressed, attention starved teenage suicide video goes viral, the millions of views will be a measure of how much you are to fucking blame for every girl who is inspired to copy her.

This isn’t even the beginning.

Amanda Todd felt “like a joke in the world,” and now she’s a bigger joke than any other suicide in the history of the human race. She’s died to bring forth the rotten fruit of social media suicide fame.


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  • valerie

    okay most of you are being bastards i get wat she went through i also get bullied everyday i stand by her side i cut myself to i always think of suicide becuz the bullying gets more and more fucking worse and im just as strong as her and im hanging in here and seeing people like you who dont give a fucking shit and get the fuck out of here i stand for she was beautiful perfect and had an amazing voice she was everything perfect and she got bullied i get bullied just as much as she did and the same i didnt do a damb thing though and niether did she so all of you fucking haters are the reason and you need to get your head out from your ass and get a life and stop bullying peple to the point of death so stfu and if u dont respect her get the fuck out of here i respect her me and her basically have everything the same wanting to die and i almost did but i told myself i can do it there is something waiting for me i n3ed to be strong and keep going and i still cut BADLY and its from people like you and to all the people that are being nice thank you so much for sticking up for amanda she should know she has more people that love her than hate her she didnt deserve it we love u amanda be strong in heaven girl i miss u dearly beautiful :’( ur the reason im staying strong i love u :’(

  • Stupid Haters

    Alright, I don’t know why some of you just can’t understand that YOU are what led her to suicide. Yes, I know she did the nude Webcams, but you have no right to CONTINUE hating on her. All those stupid memes like “Nude pictures. Now I’m gonna go drink Bleach.” They’re not funny. They’re cruel. It’s sad to think that she couldn’t handle it, and that she chose suicide as her answer. It’s not fake. She died. She doesn’t deserve this. She’s not perfect, but no one deserves to be treated like this. Especially after death. I appreciate that some of you actually have a heart, as well as a mind, and that you understand that she did not deserve to be bullied like she was. To all of you that are saying “She deserved to die”, well, you know what.. She didn’t. No one DESERVES to die. Not even you. If you were put in her shoes, how would you feel? If you were bullied like that, what would you do? If you were to be called a slut, a whore.. a bitch.. Would you still be hating on HER? It’s not acceptable. I’m sorry that you’re saying such horrible things about Amanda, because trust me, you’ll pay for it in the end.

  • djpolely

    sirak go and suck ur mother pussy

  • Christina

    Amanda Todds suicide was definitely for attention and she probably didn’t mean to actually “kill” herself but make it look like she was trying to kill herself. Generally the psychology behind suicide is that the person doesn’t tell people about it. Amanda Todd made youtube videos about how she couldn’t handle it and how it wasn’t worth it. She got on webcam because she wanted to hear older men tell her she looked good, then to get more attention she would show them her chest and masturbate for them. She slept with a 13 year old boy that had a girlfriend and got into a fight with said girlfriend. After her actions were made public and people stopped talking to her and started calling her a whore or a slut she started making videos saying she was being bullied. She then posted a video that millions of people have seen talking about suicide AFTER the attention she was getting for the picture and cam sessions she had done started to die down, then she kills herself, which again was probably not meant to go the way it did. She was probably expecting that someone would find her before she died and then she would get more attention from social media and newspapers or she wouldn’t have made a video about it before doing it. She posted pictures of her wrists after cutting them. Amanda Todd wanted attention, she kept getting this attention by creating a scenario where she was the helpless victim, she then hoped to continue getting attention by attempting suicide, the attempt went wrong and she actually died. She wanted sympathy and attention and to be told it wasn’t her fault and for people to act like she was a perfect little angel that was pressured into doing things. She was manipulative and in the end the game she was playing backfired. Had she really been all that sorry for what she had done and had she really been that depressed and had she really, truly felt like she had no one, she wouldn’t have posted a video for the world to see about how she couldn’t continue living with her mistakes. She could have allowed the drama to dissipate as it usually does in middle school and she would have made new friends and been just fine. SHE is the one that kept it going and her mother allowed her to do so by moving Amanda from school to school. It was probably Amanda that posted the picture of her chest because believe it or not there are ways to keep social media private and the fact that it was posted to the pages of the kids she went to school with is strange too because pedophiles don’t usually stalk their victims. All in all, it was a dangerous game Amanda created to play so she could get attention and it led to her death. She definitely doesn’t deserve the worlds pity.

  • Alesha

    I don’t like it how people are still bullying Amanda. She deserved a life, too. Did you all know that she turned to drugs and alcohol because of all the people that made her suffer? Well, she did. Don’t call her a slut or anything like that because it isn’t HER fault. Some people just don’t know when they’ve crossed the line.