American Pickers Renounce Homosexuality

SAN FRANCISCO–After recent rumors of a long-term homosexual relationship were spread by rabid fans of Danielle Colby Cushman, American Pickers stars Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe held a press conference to publicly renounce homosexuality, denying they ever banged more than once.

“They just did it for the attention,” said Danielle, “But they really are gay. Gay, gay, gay.”

“That nonsense about my family and the oil can thing, it really hurt me,” said Fritz at the press conference. “We’re suing those bastards.”

Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador, general physician, said “Oh, yeah, those guys came in the other day with rectums full of antiques. The anti-homosexual press conference was a sham to buzz up a drum.”

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  • linda anonymous

    In addition, Mike has mentioned his wife on numerous occasions. Why doesn’t anyone remember that. They are kind, upstanding guys who make me feel positive about the human race. They really, really care about all the good folks they meet in their daily lives driving the back roads of America. Lets face it, most people on the planet are wonderful, honestly. The vast majority of people are honest, decent people.

  • linda anonymous

    Frank and Mike are great guys. Who cares if they are gay or straight. We love them for who they are. Please, people, stop the hateful diatribe. It isn’t productive or positive at all. I love gay or straight people, also bisexual, transgender, nothing that insignificant matters. It’s about who they are and Mike and Frank have proven themselves to be very good, decent folks. Hate has no place on our lovely planet. Please, no hate.


  • mike


  • mike

    it is a sin to be gay against god stay in the closet

  • joey

    I loved to watch the pickers but I cant watch two fags pick each other but I will always love Daniel she is beautiful nice cute hot hot hot

    • kerry

      Joey..i love to watch the show too..and i cant stand when such macho males like you call other men fags because they believe others are..and are not mature and macho like you are. Daniel is a beautiful woman and a feminist..of which i adore.