AnonNews allows Google to track commenters with reCAPTCHA

anonnewsprivacysrape AnonNews allows Google to track commenters with reCAPTCHA

This was a real Captcha, sent in by a reader. The Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart has gained a consciousness of its own, and is warning us.

The Internet–Chronicle.SU went on the record before reporters Tuesday to apologize for months of unauthorized data-mining of hundreds of thousands of readers.

A Chronicle.SU insider, known only as Media Mogul, spoke on-stage from behind a curtain. He said, “A particularly scathing piece of anti-Google propaganda from our friends at p2pNet graced AnonNews early this morning. This led Chronicle.SU to the conclusion that we must boycott the data-mining malware known as Google-Analytics completely, along with any and all similar forms of spyware which compromise user data – and more importantly – the golden integrity of the infallible and glorious Chronicle.SU.”

And in a flash of light he was gone, followed immediately by the appearance of Kilgore Trout, Executive Editor of the Chronicle.SU.

Trout said, “We will gladly publish any details upon request,” adding, “those who use noscript are not affected by our leak to Google.”

“As should be expected,” Trout said sneeringly, “this highly interesting piece from p2pnet wasn’t ‘relevant’ enough for AnonNews. But I believe many of you will be shocked to find out AnonNews currently employs a piece of Google code to ‘keep out spammers’ known as reCAPTCHA. Its privacy policy leaves much to be desired.”

reCAPTCHA Privacy Policy – by Google

Those who use noscript are unable to comment on AnonNews without disabling their security to Google tracking cookies. forces users to either compromise their anonymity or hide, like cowards, behind a proxy, which still does nothing to prevent the cookies.

Should Anonymous fear its own “news source?”

analleak 300x179 AnonNews allows Google to track commenters with reCAPTCHA

Geographical distribution of Chronicle.SU readers who don't use noscript.

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  • Anon leaves cookies two
    i had to clear 2 of them this morning

    and im sure 90% of anons who dont want there IP seen will use TOR

  • personAsoxPUPPET

    Derp! NEXT…..

  • Use a browser that doesn’t support java / script what-so-ever and see if works.

    just tested – Submit button no go at anonnews, haven’t even got to the captcha. Hmmmm SEEMS script = none, site no worky. Who cares about Firefox’s noscript.

    Simple rule of thumb, if Java then machine hot, ready and waiting … but I know little how to override and force java to report different values when requested eg for ISP etc for certain forms. ( comment form)

    • Guy Fawkes

      “We log information related to reCAPTCHA, such as the Internet Protocol address of the end-user, an identifier for the implementing site, the URL of the site accessed, the CAPTCHA solution, the result of the CAPTCHA grading, the date and time of requests, and one or more cookies that may uniquely identify the end-user browser. In our logs, we will delete any information that identifies the individual URLs within the implementing site within 30 days of the event logged.”

      • Anonymous

        So FBI, act quickly. Act now and you’ll receive a complimentary IRC chatlog, free of charge. Heck, we’ll even throw in an email.

        This message is brought to you graciously by Lebal Drocer, Inc. All rights reserved. Void where prohibited.

  • Anonymous


  • Anon

    i hate google