Anonymous hackers infiltrate FEMA camp servers

fema camp 300x225 Anonymous hackers infiltrate FEMA camp servers

In defense of Edward Snowden, Anonymous has infiltrated FEMA servers to expose the sinister plan behind their “Disaster Recovery Centers.”

INTERNET — In a show of solidarity with Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker, Anonymous hackers targeted and infiltrated infamous FEMA camp servers. FEMA camps imprisoned millions of Japanese citizens in the last century, and some believe the camps are part of a contingency plan which will be used for population control in the possible event of famine or pandemic.

“They’re doing everything conspiracy theorists have feared. There are chemical incinerators that can liquefy thousands of bodies in hours and plastic coffins to contain the liquid remains. FEMA camps are hundreds of thousands times more efficient than the concentration camps of the Nazis.” said one Anonymous hacker.

Information acquired by Anonymous includes the names and email passwords of guilty FEMA employees and contractors, and Anonymous hackers will likely exploit these maximally to explore related computer systems, as they did after gaining access to HBGary. In the past, Anonymous has stolen money using similar tactics, targeting the especially villainous with endless pizza deliveries.

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  • Jo. Unrau

    Maybe Anonymous could send pizzas to the monsters torturing, killing, & eating dogs & cats. If they like it maybe we could wean them off of our fur babies.