Anti-Trolling Blogging Group Caught Trolling

TiEVrQG Anti Trolling Blogging Group Caught TrollingINTERNET, TWITTER–Today fans of Anti-trolling blogging group the GNAA(Gay Nigger Association of America) were appalled to see their micro-blogging heroes troll unsuspecting victims with satirical rhetoric and what some would call the “weird twitter” phenomenon.

The tweets came from GNAA members @DUTCHMINATI and @methadonna, both well known anti-trolling bloggers were caught multiple times today trolling twitter users with satirical tweets that can only be construed as trolling.

in3A1xT Anti Trolling Blogging Group Caught Trolling

Blogger DUTCHMINATI trolls twitter with banal tweets about life.

Throughout their long, rich history of being the foremost leaders in blogging, blogging technology and anti-trolling tactics, none of the GNAA have ever publicly trolled until now. This marks a milestone in the history of the internet and is a disgrace to all anti-trolls everywhere.

y1Fzwgk Anti Trolling Blogging Group Caught Trolling

@methadonna trolls with his over enthusiastic excitement for a shit album,

Kill yr idols.