Bilderberger: We’re genetically engineering our children

transhuman Bilderberger: Were genetically engineering our children

The power to engineer super-intelligent children has arrived, but at what cost?

“The children’s life expectancy could be a thousand years, if everything works out as planned.”

It has long been well known that the world’s richest businessmen and most influential political leaders meet at the annual Bilderberg conference in an attempt to combat Russian and Chinese political and economic power through secret cooperation and market manipulation. However, there was a new bullet-point on the agenda this year, at least according to one anonymous mole. Bilderberg members gathered for a conversation with genetic engineers and bio-chip manufacturers who made big promises about multi-million dollar “enhancements” that may become available — in strict confidence — to family members of the Bilderberg’s constituents.

The source also went on to say that each of these babies, dubbed Homo Promethei, cost roughly one billion dollars, and that the scientists were ready to expand the program to include as many new children or clones as the Bilderberg members desired. According to our source, Bill Clinton quipped to George Bush Sr., “Finally, we have the weapon that will bring us a limitless global dominion.”

“We met with a few scientists who had been experimenting on altered human clones for the past three decades, in secret. They’d found that with a few tweaks they could produce children with different inflections of genius. One kid was a brilliant artist, another was doing calculus at the age of two, and another had talents that were hard to describe — she exercised a hypnotic kind of charisma over everyone she came in contact with. These genetically-altered geniuses also had their retinas implanted with organic LED screens, and the children coded software for these systems as if it were a part of their body. One of the scientists explained that implanting transparent organic LED screens into eyeballs doesn’t work unless you can throw a few switches in the genome and do the surgery immediately after birth. He also said they’d thrown a few other switches and that the children’s life expectancy could be a thousand years, if everything works out as planned.” ~ Anonymous