“Chumlee” of Pawn Stars arrested with seven pounds of marijuana

chumlee Chumlee of Pawn Stars arrested with seven pounds of marijuana

Police say his limousine driver was high from an immense, billowing cloud of secondhand marijuana smoke.

LAS VEGAS — Austin “Chumlee” Rustle, known widely for his employment at the famed Gold and Silver Pawn Shop featured on “History” Channel’s “Pawn Stars” Reality Television Show, was arrested Friday for possession of over seven pounds of marijuana after police pulled his limo over for erratic driving. Chumlee’s lawyer, Jay Leiderman, said, “Chum had no intent to distribute this marijuana; all seven pounds were clearly for personal use.”

Richard “Old Man” Harisson and his son Corey “Big Hoss” Harisson reportedly paid Chum’s two million dollar bail, but Chumlee still faces up to 100 years in prison. History Channel did not comment on the incident, but Chumlee’s agent, Jorge Luis Peron, said Chum already checked into rehab, “Chumlee’s life has been a nightmare of drugs and video games, and this has hindered his performance at Gold and Silver. He’s gettin’ the help he needs! Chum will be back and better than ever in no time, don’t worry folks.”

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  • Bob

    While everybody hates and get poorer and uglier their bank accounts keep growing and growing. I noticed when anybody starts making real $$$$$$$$ the haters cannot stand the fact the very people they are jealous of dont know them and don’t want to know them because they represent losers.

  • jesus

    share it round chum dont be greedy… funny shit.

  • Anonymous

    Why do you guys read the article if you hate the show so dang much? don’t watch, don’t read about it and don’t worry about it. and please come up with a better insult than fat fat fat

  • AL Guggenheim

    History channel is not History anymore!

  • tony fuck you fourpaws

    Anyone who actually gives two goddamned shits about some no talent, waste of oxygen, non contributing “reality” show star is a fucking useless fool.