“Chumlee” of Pawn Stars fame dead

CHumlee Chumlee of Pawn Stars fame dead

Fans mourn the loss of Chumlee Russell who died Monday evening of a marijuana overdose.

LAS VEGAS — In what may come to be a medical landmark, “Chumlee” Russell of Pawn Stars fame died from a marijuana overdose Monday night and was found by friend “Big Hoss” Harrison on Tuesday morning. Earlier this year, “Chumlee” was arrested with seven pounds of marijuana which he asserted were all for personal use.

According to Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador, “The only possible way he could have died from a marijuana overdose without first clogging his lungs with soot is through the use of vaporizers. Reportedly, Chumlee had rigged up to 90 vaporizers into one tube and had a team of groupies constantly loading them up with the stickiest and most potent of marijuana available on the market.”

Fans and family mourn the loss of “Chumlee” and have taken the opportunity to speak out against drug abuse. “To die like that, it’s just a shame,” said Rick Harrison, manager of the world famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, as he teared up. “It’s just a shame to lose such a fun guy as Chum. Rest in peace, buddy.”

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  • James martin

    No way you can overdose from marijuana!!!!! if he did die while smoking marijuana there had to be another complication involved

  • James martin

    No way you can overdose from marijuana!!!!!

  • This Article...

    This article is a crock everyone. Chumlee is very alive, this is just another one of those stupid internet rumors going around to get attention. disinfo. if you don’t believe me then ask Chumlee yourself, he’s right next to me. idiots. take down this article.

  • Andrew Livingston

    Thia is a LIE!!!! It is physically impossible to die from an overdose of marijuana!!!I am one of the United States foremost experts on this subject and cannot believe Chum died from pot. A marijuana overdose has never been medically reported in the history of mankind!!! Tell us the truth about Chum’sdeath!!!

  • Jude

    I am just beside myself over the loss of Chumlee, he was and always will be the greatest part of pawn stars. they are all great but he just was the sewing in the quilt that made it all come together. sooooo sad for his family on pawn stars. R.I.P Chum!