Courtney Love confesses to the murder of rock legend Kurt Cobain

KurtCobain 233x300 Courtney Love confesses to the murder of rock legend Kurt Cobain

Grunge rock inventor, Kurt Cobain, shortly before he was murdered by his wife.

At 8:51 pm PST, Courtney Love walked into a Los Angeles police station, distraught and intoxicated. As she spoke to deputy Stephen Pollan, she began to talk about Kurt Cobain, and eventually admitted to killing him. She proceeded to explain to an officer how “the guilt reached it’s breaking point” and that she “couldn’t live with the pain anymore.”

Police have not released an official statement as to what they believe motivated Courtney to carry out the murder. “Nothing made any sense then. All I could think about was the money. I don’t know what got to me first, the pressure, or the drugs, or what…I just couldn’t take it,” said Love between tears in the interrogation room of the police station.

alg courtney 300x209 Courtney Love confesses to the murder of rock legend Kurt Cobain

Reptile tears

Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter, Frances Cobain, were contacted immediately upon her mother’s arrival. “I am just in complete shock,” claims Cobain. She denied an interview, stating that she was overcome with grief and needed time to think before appearing on camera.

At the time of this writing, Love is being transferred to the Seattle Police Department in Washington for further questioning. Cobain was questioned shortly and released.

“She’s a troubled woman,” claimed deputy Sephan Pollan. “I’m just glad she finally came forward. I mean, I’ve heard the rumors, we all have, but we finally know the truth and hopefully we can get this woman the help she needs.”

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  • Luke

    I don’t now I laugh more for the fake post or “GRUNGE ROCK INVENTOR” HAAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Kurt did not invented GRUNGE!
    Grunge is just a word invented to the Seattle underground rock scene, Mudhoney or Green River should be considered “inventors”, but Kurt? HAHAHAHA

  • verónica

    I know it. She is a mother fucker. Nunca se merecio a kurt un hombre sensible . Se merece lo peor

  • Glad you brought up the Federal aspect because Seattle wouldn’t give a crap. The real crime that could put her away is the solicitation of homicide to El Duce, across state lines, makes it Federal Jurisdiction.

  • SidTheVicious

    As much as I truly want to believe this article, and have long held my own reservations and ideas of the murder “conspiracy”. Take a look at the date it was released. July of last year. Were there actually any truth to this, Cuntny Love would be currently locked up in a Federal holding area, and not trying to get Hole back together for one last tour. It makes for a good and entertaining read. That is about all of the actual validity it has.


  • Sanja

    Has somebody just made it up? I hope.. I hardly belive it – she loved him! :(