Courtney Love confesses to the murder of rock legend Kurt Cobain

KurtCobain 233x300 Courtney Love confesses to the murder of rock legend Kurt Cobain

Grunge rock inventor, Kurt Cobain, shortly before he was murdered by his wife.

At 8:51 pm PST, Courtney Love walked into a Los Angeles police station, distraught and intoxicated. As she spoke to deputy Stephen Pollan, she began to talk about Kurt Cobain, and eventually admitted to killing him. She proceeded to explain to an officer how “the guilt reached it’s breaking point” and that she “couldn’t live with the pain anymore.”

Police have not released an official statement as to what they believe motivated Courtney to carry out the murder. “Nothing made any sense then. All I could think about was the money. I don’t know what got to me first, the pressure, or the drugs, or what…I just couldn’t take it,” said Love between tears in the interrogation room of the police station.

alg courtney 300x209 Courtney Love confesses to the murder of rock legend Kurt Cobain

Reptile tears

Love and Kurt Cobain’s daughter, Frances Cobain, were contacted immediately upon her mother’s arrival. “I am just in complete shock,” claims Cobain. She denied an interview, stating that she was overcome with grief and needed time to think before appearing on camera.

At the time of this writing, Love is being transferred to the Seattle Police Department in Washington for further questioning. Cobain was questioned shortly and released.

“She’s a troubled woman,” claimed deputy Sephan Pollan. “I’m just glad she finally came forward. I mean, I’ve heard the rumors, we all have, but we finally know the truth and hopefully we can get this woman the help she needs.”

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  • THe Man Known as...

    Courtney Love set Kurt up, Yes Cobain shot himself but he did not know the gun was loaded. Kurt loved shooting super8 movies he had a library full of different ways he would kill himself. Kurt loved photography and film making. Love set up a movie scene where Kurt would kill himself, The shotgun was loaded and Love appeared to be filming. The autopsy proved Kurt had a substantial amount of heroin in his system some not flowing through his veins (Which hints at shooting up after death). The shotgun shells had no fingerprints on them (Which hints that they were wiped clean or loaded wearing gloves). The day of the autopsy someone attempted to use a Credit card that was missing from his wallet.

    20-30 years from now when this all comes to light, I wonder how the world will feel, Cobain was a troubled man, He felt like an out cast but wouldn’t kill himself over fame

  • Caitlin

    This was obviously a few years ago but, everyone saying that she loved him and would never do this really bothers me. She loved his money, he wanted a divorce, to take her out of the will, and get custody of Francis and she did not want that. I do not believe that she did it herself, I believe she payed someone to do it and then she payed the police to not investigate. It was hardly 3 hours that they spent on this “investigation”. When she called to the police to say that he was suicidal, the police arrived and he blatantly said he was not suicidal. Then when Courtney called to report Kurt “missing” she pretended to be his mother. It is also thought that he was already dead by the time she reported him missing. There are so many things that will point, to if not Courtney,someone killed him. Not that it matters much. What is important is that Kurt died before he should have. But if someone did kill him, more investigation should have been involved but you can’t change the past.

  • Kaylee Stanek

    If she murder him then how come he wrote a suicide note saying that he was warned about this when he became famous. Why would he say that his daughter is going to have a better life without him. Need I remind all of you kurt tried to kill himself a few times. This is just disrespectful and fake. You can’t believe this bullshit. Yes Love only married him for the fame and the money she wanted him to stay alive so that she could get more and more money. She was the one that called the police they first time he ever tried to kill himself. But I think they both loved each other. But Kurt forsure loved her more then she did.

  • Dude

    With all the “evidence” out there howcome she hasn’t been charged?

  • Heather

    She definitely killed Kurt and Duce, she just wanted the money. That’s why she married Kurt and killed him, he wanted a divorce and to remove her from his will. She got furious and hired someone to whack him. And when El Duce had an interview he said too much and was killed a week later.