Dancing Outlaw Jesco White Dead at 59

Bandytown, W.Va — Fans mourn iconic West Virginia wild-man Jesco White, who died at his Boone County home after inhaling twin doses of lighter fluid and gas fumes Saturday.

Fans received a rude awakening who believed White finally got clean following the successes of Jescofest, a festival held in his honor, and the most recent Johnny Knoxville documentary “The Wild and Wonderful Whites.”

jesco Dancing Outlaw Jesco White Dead at 59

“I was on a super double high.”

Documentary footage portrayed a clean and sober man, skirting only the throes of a very real cocaine addiction. No footage of inhalant abuse was released, so the news caught many off guard.

“I thought he was just on the cocaine,” said Bandytown resident Deanna Warrick, 33.

Authorities said they found White dead in the “Elvis room” – a wall-to-wall shrine of Elvis memorabilia erected by White as a monument to his bottomless rage.

For years, friends knew White suffered depression in the wake of the death of his wife, Norma Jean, but said they did not intervene because they did not know he was huffing paint thinner and gasoline, and feared physical assault.

“We didn’t want no trouble,” said Boyd Denton, 56, “we just wanted to believe Jesco was okay. But he wasn’t. He never was.”

A drug saturated private ceremony is being planned by the White family.

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  • WVWht

    Go to Jesco’s Facebook! He’s “very much ‘alive’”!

  • Randy Webb

    I just had the pleasure of seeing the wonderfull whites documentary and really enjoyed it. I think he’s an awesome dancer. I hope this about him being dead is bullshit Cause I’d love the chance to see him do his thang again God bless and best wishes to the whites from a true fan

    • The most telling moment of the second 90s documentary was the distrustful stare in Jesco’s eyes when talking to the mustached man at the airport – the guy who said “we just love you” with that stupid grin on his face. Jesco was rightly suspicious at that point he was being made fun of. He even said, “I’m glad that you’re behind me, too,” emphasizing “behind” with that look of uncertainty in his eyes. Jesco’s smart.

      “We’re all already dead, just alive to talk about it.”

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