Dinosaur mummy found in Antarctica

A mummified Argentinosaurus has been found under the melting Antarctic ice.

A mummified Argentinosaurus has been found under the melting Antarctic ice.

ANTARCTICA — Summer ice melts in Antarctica have revealed land that has been covered since the time of the dinosaurs, and according to Paleontologist Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador, it’s revealed part of the preserved body of one of the largest animals to ever walk the earth. An Argentine expeditionary force, led by General Francisco Acevedo, found the mummified remains of what has been dubbed the Argentinosauros, a one hundred foot long herbivorous sauropod dinosaur.

Until now, scientists did not believe such a large quantity of flesh could be preserved for this long without being mostly replaced by minerals through the process of fossilization. “It must have been flash frozen in a perfectly dry environment for sixty-five million years. There’s still red meat on the thing, and there’s just no question we can easily clone a dinosaur. This is the most unbelievable discovery in human history,” Dr. Troubador said, with conviction.

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  • Cesar Bianchi

    Truth of the matter is this.. Dinasours existed not too long ago,the Origins of Mankind is all wrong from what they previously believed.. I’m sure every 500 years there is a polar shift or a extreme climate change which resets Living things on earth and a minority survive.. The truth will soon be exposed. The Pyramid were not built by egyptians are are probably only 500 years old,there was a flood and a catastrophe,once the water went back to normal the pyramids were found.. all hidden knowledge were kept by some greedy leaders who slowly sell it back to us like they invented something new.. wake up People.. You are all sleeping and will probably sleep through the next catastrophe.. ;)