Ethical Hacking Professor: NullCrew ‘Criminals,’ Anonymous a ‘Gang’

sbowne 228x300 Ethical Hacking Professor: NullCrew Criminals, Anonymous a Gang WASHINGTON — City College of San Francisco Computer Science Professor Sam Browne told The Internet Chronicle that whatever NullCrew has planned for the Pentagon on Valentine’s Day, it won’t be hacktivism. Mr. Brown, who teaches ethical hacking and has addressed the DEF CON cybersecurity conference, says that NullCrew acts in violation of the liberal causes they tout.

A NullCrew spokesperson has variously  described the hacking group’s motives in terms of nihilistic schadenfreude and activism.

NullCrew, he writes, is just out for an “ego-boost” by dumping the passwords of innocent people.

Their real message is: “We are powerful, fear us!”  The political slogans they spout are just a paper-thin cover story.

If you want real social change, you do it the way Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. did it–carefully reasoned nonviolent actions, done in the open, accepting the social sanctions they provoke.  Hiding in the shadows, stealing data, harming innocent people, and evading justified law enforcement actions, is not the way to influence people to support your cause.  It just scares people, as it should, and encourages them to support more Draconian law enforcement measures to stop the scary hackers.

Several Anonymous actions and threats of action have operated under the presumption that, in threatening the online security of randomly chosen individuals, government entities will be inspired to not clamp down on users’ Internet privacy; or users’ redistribution of links to copyrighted content, for whatever end.

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