EXCLUSIVE VIDEO ESSAY: The Paula Broadwell Stakeout

Broadwell Politico Wine FROM AP EXCLUSIVE VIDEO ESSAY: The Paula Broadwell Stakeout

Politico led with Broadwell imbibing ethanol (Via the Associated Press)

WASHINGTON – Early Tuesday, U.S. News & World Report relayed that the driver’s license of Paula Broadwell, mistress and biographer to ill-fated CIA Director David Petraeus, was found in Rock Creek Park, a very likely initiator of a multihour media stakeout at the Mt. Pleasant home at which Mrs. Broadwell spent the evening. Mrs. Broadwell and her company could without doubt have seen outside onlookers in the press as they went about their business, including — from darkened windows latter in the evening — news gatherers from The Internet Chronicle.

1841 Park Chronicle EXCLUSIVE VIDEO ESSAY: The Paula Broadwell Stakeout

Brother Stephen Kranz’s Mt. Pleasant, D.C. home (Chronicle.su photo)

The Internet Chronicle played a brief part in the stakeout. The Chronicle’s National Security Desk captured exclusive video of the media circus surrounding the home of Mrs. Broadwell’s attorney brother, Stephen Kranz — a $2 million, seven-bedroom, five-bath residence at 1841 Park Road, Northwest.

Walking West downhill on Park Road, Chronicle reporters encountered the first sign of journalist or law enforcement presence at the intersection with 18th Street.

Unlike during coverage of, say, a local Little League game, all paid onlookers were using unmarked vehicles. Probably as a result of spotting the Chronicle Flip camcorder, a burgundy van, from the video above, nonchalantly made a tight loop to follow Chronicle reporters as they reached the intersection with 19th Street to enter the alley behind 1841 Park.

Tipped off on Twitter by neighborhood In These Times labor journalist, Mike Elk, The Internet Chronicle entered the alley behind Mr. Kranz’s house. There, looking into the dining area of the home, four apparent journalists, one of whom stated his affiliation with the New York Post, were waiting in the cold at 10 p.m., facing the darkened lights of the house. The only camera with a marking said “4,” likely the local NBC affiliate.

Politico had reported mundane details from earlier in the evening, a time during which Mrs. Broadwell ate dinner and, as Politico’s Byron Tau accounted, “wears sweaters.”

This shot, taken from higher up on the stoop, reveals the most likely vantage point from which the Associated Press was able to acquire photos of Mrs. Broadwell’s evening. The FBI raided Mrs. Broadwell’s Charlotte, North Carolina home Monday night over concerns that the adultery scandal had caused the unlawful breach of classified data. Prior to the raid the FBI had found classified material on Mrs. Broadwell’s computer, although Mr. Petraeus denied that he had relayed the information to her.

As Chronicle reporters left the scene, one cameraman, bundled up like the rest, ready for more hours in the cold, offered his opinion about the press’s mission at the scene: “It’s about the money.”