Felicia Garcia pulls an Amanda Todd

train26n 3 300x199 Felicia Garcia pulls an Amanda Todd

Get used to the Teenage Female Bullying-Suicide Heroes

NEW YORK — Fifteen-year-old Amanda-Todd-Wannabe Felicia Garcia jumped in front of a train after vicious bullying, following her appearance in a football team gangbang video passed around her high school. The male members of the gangbang were greeted with high fives and mute admiration from school teachers who saw the video. Over 200 of Garcia’s classmates were present at the suicide.

Knowing, from the example of Amanda Todd, that her death would lead to unlimited posthumous social acceptance in the face of bottomless rejection by the repressive sex-negative culture of America, Garcia threw herself into the train with cold confidence, by all accounts.

“Just before she fell, she said, ‘Finally, it’s here,’” said Brager. “It was the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen.”

This is yet more undeniable proof that a firm clampdown on freedom of speech should take place immediately. Young girls are going to start dropping off like lemmings because of this totally brand-new phenomenon of “slut-shaming” that never existed before Anonymous comments on the Internet. The oncoming string of teenage suicides has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the worship of Amanda Todd.

12 comments to Felicia Garcia pulls an Amanda Todd

  • Billy Gay Cyrus

    Forget her. I just wanna have Hot ManSex with her dad.

  • Paul

    The larger issue is, “15 year old agrees to consensual sex with four teenage boys”.

    Where is our society going when teens and, dare I say pre-teens, are gang-banging and infatuated with the sex and sparkly world of the rich & famous? Even if there are no parents around, teachers or friends of the girl have to step in and direct her in the right direction, right?

  • J.Martin

    What’s worse than 15 year olds jumping in front of trains? It’s people who actually think it’s funny, entertaining, and that death is a valid punishment for poor judgement. Take a look at yourselves people. I’d rather it was you being scraped off a train than some idiot teenager.

  • Peter Eaton

    Did she leave any dents or scratch marks on the train?