Giovanna Plowman, “Tampon Girl,” commits suicide at 15

"i'm the queen of the world. everyone loves me, and you guys will do whatever i want you guys to do (; cause i'm THAT famous! (;"

“i’m the queen of the world. everyone loves me, and you guys will do whatever i want you guys to do (; cause i’m THAT famous! (;”

TAMPA, FLA. — Giovanna Plowman’s rise to fame was meteoric, but as she dazzled Internet denizens with feats of amazing fecundity, she also sowed the seeds of her own demise. Just 48 hours into her new career as the Internet’s most famous tampon-sucker, the ceaseless bullying of the heartless masses forced her to commit suicide. Ms. Plowman’s suicide video has since received over 50 million views from adoring fans.

“[G]iovanna just wanted to be famous like all of us. I can’t believe they’d do this to her, just for expressing herself,” said one commenter on YouTube. Fans may have only known her for a few short days, but the hole she plugged in their hearts was left gaping and bloody. “We must stop these trolls! They’re taking our youngest and brightest from us,” said Mothers Against Trolling spokesperson Lindsey Siphers.

This tragic death comes on the heels of a spat of teenage suicides related to bullying, and many commenters have likened Giovanna Plowman to Amanda Todd. “She’s just so brave,” said one fan, “for standing up to those bullies like this. God bless Giovanna.”


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  • Anonymous

    shes not dead, fucking idiots

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha, this is so fckng hilarious xD

  • Never heard of her till now but to me she looks like a young Snooky from that reality TV show. That alone would of made her famous if she had thought about it.

  • Mireyar

    I’m sorry but there’s a difference from getting bullied for something you can’t help like your size, or if your poor , look weird … You know things that are natural & sort of unchangeable but.. No one told her to suck on a tampon and there is a reason it sick! Weird & EXPECT people to ridicule you or make you feel like crap because when you do stuff like this uncalled for, you put yourself in that situation to be made fun of.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but I don’t feel bad for her. She was the one who caused all this. What the hell did she think people were going to say to her video? “oh my god you’re so awesome for eating your own tampon!” NO! What she did, was something socially unacceptable and she knew that or else she would have not done that to get “famous” . She should have braced herself for that one. What respectable girl actually thinks eating a tampon will be okay, that it won’t get any bad feed, and will make people like her? Do you think any respectable person would actually be okay with that? People are such idiots. By the way, people would not have “bullied” her, if she did not put up such a revolting video. Also, people would have no need to “bully” her if she didn’t put that revolting video up.

    • Anonymous

      shes dead bitch. leave her alone already

      • sharn

        shes not dead and she probably didn’t suck a real used tampon (i mean who does that)she’s an attention seeking little bitch and look at all the attention and pity she has got – just what she wanted! fuck knows why cus shes a pretty girl with big tits im sure she gets plenty of attention